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The beach party

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On Friday I wasn't sure how the weekend will end, but will I get my kiss?

The weekend so far had been really amazing, especially as Iím leaving on Monday. We have seen so much of each other and I can really say I have already fallen for him; he is so beautiful with large blue eyes and black hair, with a sweep! He stands there like he normally does rolling his cigarette as we decide what we are going to do this evening. We are still talking through our friend that introduced us and occasionally making small talk with each other. But I try and get as close as I can to him as his perfume is strong and masculine and makes me feel weak at the knees. In fact just thinking about him and being close to him makes me feel weak.

Itís decided that we will go to a beach party with some friends, not sure where we will be sleeping but he suggests we sleep in my car if we have too. What does he mean by this? Nothing, he is just thinking about sleeping arrangement as we canít sleep on the beach. We head off in the car, he sits next to me and plays with my music system and CDís then asks if he can choose a CD as there is a song that reminds him of me! Of course you can! I ask him what song before I let him play it. I love the song that he has chosen so I canít play hard and choose a different song. The song makes the car seem big and empty with silence. I can feel him looking at me. Whatís he thinking?

The night has gone well we have shared many things about us and the alcohol makes me open up and be more confident. He sings a song which gives me a chance to stare at him without having to look away quickly when he realises Iím watching him. I canít help but see such beauty in his face, the way his eyes close, his lips move and how he smiles when a note goes wrong! After the song he comes over and sits next to me and tells me how while he was singing the song the moon lit up my face and I looked beautiful, I just blushed and said thank you, then he said Iím always beautiful! I was now quite drunk and just gave him a big hug, I felt stupid not sending a complement back but I had nothing to say, I just felt it. I lay down and looked up at the stars and he copied me we lay there side by side, so close we were touching each other. I said how it was cold and he got close for body warmth he said I couldnít help but laugh and he laughed too. There were awkward silences broken by a new image we could make out of stars. We got bored and it became silly and we joked about pictures we couldnít see and wound each other up. We started talking about something serious I canít remember what as I was too fixated on his face. We still lay next to each other but had our heads on our side facing in at each other. I spoke to him about something and watched him listen, he kept glancing at my lips and I knew he wanted to kiss me. I wanted him to kiss me too! Kiss me, just kiss me, Iíll kiss you back.

People started leaving and I never got my kiss, we both got invited back to a friendís house which was a half an hour walk through some woodland area and we were promised a sofa so it was worth the long distance walk. When we got there the sofa was very, very small. I told him how it was tiny, but really I knew that it would mean we would be close together. I grabbed a duvet I found on the floor and we snuggled down. At first it was silent and the lights were turned off. Eventually he put his arm strongly around me. I told him thanks. He asked why. It was keeping me warm and he smiled, I think it was difficult to make out his face. Again silence, until somebody sleeping on the floor started snoring we giggled and started talking. We stopped it was silent again, only for a little while. While we were talking we made it clear to each other we liked one another. He caressed my hand with his and stopped, please kiss me, I turned my head to kiss him but he was already asleep.

I almost had you

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