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Rings around the moon

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Re: Rings around the moon

I love it when the northern lights bend and brush the face of the moon.

I thought one had to live in Alaska to see the northern lights... I've never seen those. =/

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Re: Rings around the moon

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The first time I saw them was when I was still in Washington state.
It was this weird thing with the sun and since I've always wanted to see them but believed they only way to see them was to go way far up north, I went outside after dark and I've never seen anything so strange and beautiful, almost frightening due to the sheer size and how they were moving.

They were parrot green. Bright spikes and curtains everywhere.
For three nights I sat outside with my mouth hanging open and completely speechless.

I've seen then here a couple of times, but they are so pale that it's like looking at shadows.
It makes me want to go up north and see them in all the colors that I've heard about.
Living color against a blue velvet sky that you can see the stars through.

I want to feel the electricity they hold. Electric color?
Yes. I want to feel what fushia feels like and green so vivid that it makes your skin feel like it's going to start going into arcs of sparks that glow.

I've talked to people who've been there. One woman I talked to who's husband was a pilot for the navy said that it was the most unreal thing to fly through.
I saw pictures. It was like the color was filled with glitter from the electricty and stars.
Made me hungry to go and experience it.

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Re: Rings around the moon

I want to sit in the green,
get tickled by the blue,
see the fire in the red,
and the yellow of this mew,

this purple embrace,
oh the white escape,
the black of the night,
on the sky it'd drape.

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Re: Rings around the moon

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Yes. Exactly.

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Re: Rings around the moon

Wendy, pinch me because I cannot possibly be filling this way... The thoughts and the emotions are pouring as if caused by a thunderstorm. I don't know where these words are coming from, I'm a bit scared by them but they are giving me this high that I cannot fathom!

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Re: Rings around the moon

It's ok Frank. Don't be scared ok. This place, will do that to you.
It's kind of like someone blowing up hoover dam. You just go with the flow that takes you.

You keep asking me where the things come from that I write, they come from this place.
It's like walking in two worlds at the same time.
For me it has been like this:
I see pictures, sometimes they're so huge my brain hurts.
I see words or hear them and I just write what I hear.
The poetry I write is raw.
It comes and I write.

When I talk about needing to write because my head is constantly on overflow, what is happening is there is so much information going on from this place that I have no choice but to write.

So don't be scared of it. It's pretty powerful, I understand that.
But it's amazing.
And what's even more amazing is every single person walking around on the planet has access to this place.

Most people don't believe they have any creativity inside them.
They've believed this monster lie.
We are creative beings. Art is the primal language of that creativity.
Art encompases every thing from visual to written expressions.
People are terrified of making mistakes and so will back away from any notion that they are able to create.

The fact is that when babies are scribbling they are using that primitive language.
And as they grow up they continue using it until something happens and they abandon it.

When I was in grade school, art was still part of the curriculum.
So was music.

Now they've taken it out of the main stream, and put it into the electives part of school.
Someone somewhere I think knew how powerful and how freeing art really is so they worked to remove it.

And when someone realizes exactly what art is, they experience what you are experiencing now.
It blows them away.
It's something that is so strange when it hits them, simply because the world we live in is goverened by adjendas that have more to do with controlling people than setting them free.

It's my intent to incite people to art.
What ever venu that is most predominate in them.
I have also learned that most people by the time they hit their 20's have this notion that only certian people can do art.
I'm sure you've heard this before:
"I can't do art, or I have no artistic talent, or I can't draw a straight line"
Or any number of other equally silly notions comming out of people's mouths.
It's what they really believe.

About 7 years ago I was writing a 3 year curriculum for teaching art to kids who are homeschooled.
I was approached by three different families to teach their kids art.
That's why I wrote the curriculum.
At that time I didn't understand what was about to happen.
It had been about 10 years since I'd done any drawing, and I didn't know if anything was there or not.
I'd done other creative disciplines, but nothing as far as painting or drawing.
When the curriculum got to the place of exploring color I began to play with watercolor.
That was the key right there. I completely skipped the rules that people have imprisoned watercolor with and I just started to play with it.
I was doing the kid thing again.
Kids play with things. They don't know the rules, they just know how to play, right?

Well kids play is really an exploration of the tools of the language of art.
That's part of the learning process.

It really pisses me off when parents tell their children that the trees and grass they are drawing can't be any other color except green and brown.
Or that horses can't have more than 4 legs.
The kids still see this place.
They are born with a strong connection to this place, and when all the crap that steals their ablity to walk around in it freely comes along, they are forced to forget.

Some people manage to hang on to it.
There are bands out there and composers out there and visual artists and writers who have the connection into it, and even though they can't explain what happens when they do what they do, they are still connected to it.
It flows like this massive river and they just ride it.

There is something else about all of this that I'm finally understanding, that all the other discipliines that are taught in school are connected to it.
It's not ment to be put into seperate compartments.
But it has been.

Lenardo Va Vinci understood that it was a complete whole.
He studied all aspects of it. And if you look at his work from this understanding you will begin to see how much has been forgotten by the seperation of the parts.

It's all connected. And it's huge. Meditation and yoga will take you into this place.
This place is so huge, and so much has been forgotten.
It's part of the human experience to live in this place, but,
people don't understand that.

They put all these rules and boxes like prison walls around parts and peices of it until it's completely unreconizable.
And they do it clear through college and university.

I've met artist who can't break out of the boxes their instructors have concstructed around them and end up being little clones of their teachers.

They don't understand the concepts of what this place is and that living in it means freedom.
You were at the place to understand because it's been driving you crazy for a long time that you have this fire inside you that draws you and all you want to do all day is this thing.
Write poetry.
I was at a place where I'd come to terms with what my life's true work is and wrote about it.
It was a key for you.
And now the doors and walls are being blown up and things are beginning to errase the walls and doors and it's blowing you away.

Frank, this place is part of all humans. Alot of them have just forgotten.
And they've lost the belief that they are part of it.

So don't get scared of it ok.

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Re: Rings around the moon

You've said it brilliantly again. I'm speechless...

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Re: Rings around the moon

I agree with majic. The begining of this post is beautiful. Not that the end isn't :), it's just a different topic.

Please contiune to vote AND post.

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Re: Rings around the moon

It's one of those posts that's hard to reply to. It just says so much and leaves little to be added. =)

Altogether good stuff!

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