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Feb 18, 2006 06:17 # 41928

havananights ** posts about...

My Muslim Brothers.....Excuse me, please stand up.

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"Now class lets give a big thumbs down to the Muslim cleric".

I understand some individuals on this board do not find a few of my let it all out, balls to the wall, Gonzo type writing as excellent post material. I on the other hand am my biggest fan.... (Patting self on back, lol) Believe me, there are posters on here who may find my posts biased in nature. Bias is a cloudy word, and writers from all walks of life received that label time and again. Opinions are like assho1es, everyone has one. In my opinion my style is like the Forrest Gump box of chocolates never know what you're gonna get.

With this board, we all may stomp our feet down and say what we feel about whatever it is we feel passionately for, I love creativity and various opinions. I am grateful for not being told what I can or cannot say, do, eat, feel, etc.

Recently, well I'll take that back----->for quite some time now the Muslim world has encountered their fair share of flak. I'll admit, and you the reader will see through my writings that at this moment, I am not a fan of the Muslim nation as a whole. Do I hate Muslims? By all means NO. Hate is a strong word many people throw around mercilessly. Hate creates violence and untruths. I may dislike many of their views or followers antics, however I do not hate. The Muslim brothers are no different; every religious group has their share of the evil "step children".

This brings me to my point, and I'll make it brief. Muslim cleric's call for a million dollar reward/bounty on the Danish cartoonists; this has gone too far. These Muslims who are escalating the situation have fallen and bumped their heads with this one. As time passes, I am left with a feeling of pity. Why? I pity this religious group because they seem to have the must ignorant "step children" people who love to weave the word into their own interpretation. The interpreted beliefs have suppressed the people for so long; a monster has been created as a result.

I may receive flak for previous posts, and as a result my rating may go down on certain writings where I just let it all hang. Yet, I'm not calling for death. I don't find cartoons poking fun at Christians or Jesus funny. At the same time I understand that every person on this earth will be judged one by one in some final way, depending on what our creator determines righteous. I in return do not need to kill the cartoonist who poked fun of Jesus. This again, in my opinion is childish. You draw a picture of my God, I must kill you.

The Muslim world should be looking more at themselves and their "step child" extremists and be ashamed at what they see. Wrong is wrong.

As history shows us, it has always been Aces over Kings

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charlie *** replies...

Re: My Muslim Brothers.....Excuse me, please stand up.

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This again, in my opinion is childish. You draw a picture of my God, I must kill you.

I'm suprised at how simplisitic both this issue and "the war on terror" have been. Your "step children" crash into our skyscraper, we start a war with you. No questions asked.

The only viable answer seems to be that this is a reaction not just to the cartoon (or the WTC attack), but to a deeper issue as well.

Where does this tension between the West and Islam come from? We could go clear back to the Muslims in Spain, but I'm not that skilled in my history.

The Muslim world should be looking more at themselves and their "step child" extremists and be ashamed at what they see. Wrong is wrong.

So should the mainstream Muslims be apologizing for/working with their extremist step children to mend this issue? In the Christian world, we certainly don't work at saving face lost from any Waco-type cults or abortion clinic bombers (or our Christian rhetoric spouting president).

Please contiune to vote AND post.

Feb 20, 2006 17:27 # 41949

Hawkeye *** replies...

Re: My Muslim Brothers.....Excuse me, please stand up.

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These are cultural differences. Denmark professes their inherent right to free speech (and maybe it is america's culture talking, but I agree with that sentiment). Afganistan's culture is used to quick retribution in the face of insult. If someone steals, they are most certainly punished with little room for trial.

Then take these cartoonists which express their right to free speech, and these Afgans which take extreme insult to their prophet and expect swift justice... The obvious consequential explosion is exactly as it had happened.

Though now they are proclaiming to join Al'Qaeda, which I think demonstrates their intelligence is nil. Let me get this straight, in order to take justice on the denmark cartoonists, they are willing to join a group which will have them die for a cause which will probably be against america, not for denmark. Even if they die for the cause against denmark,... how stupid do you have to be to die for something as idiotic as a cartoon?

I would not kill myself for a cause unless that cause were to save my own family. No trivial threat, much less no insult would get me to risk my own life. Maybe they were slapped around too much when they were children. They have so much hatred built up, and hatred always tends to find a scapegoat.

Here is the article:

If the world should blow itself up,the last audible voice would be an expert saying it can't be done

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Feb 20, 2006 19:18 # 41951

majic *** replies...

Re: My Muslim Brothers.....Excuse me, please stand up.

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how stupid do you have to be to die for something as idiotic as a cartoon?

OMG, that is exactly right. How about how stupid do you have to be to kill people in your own country with your own views while rioting against cartoons? How about bombing/burning down buildings in your own country. The only people they hurt is themselves and they don't further their cause.

Mar 13, 2006 18:29 # 42265

yoshi314 * throws in his two cents...

Re: My Muslim Brothers.....Excuse me, please stand up.

There's more - they cannot stand one bit of religious insult and search for war wherever they can. How naive was i, thinking that every religion primarily promotes peace...And umm...Tolerance?

Ironically they do not seem to notice that it's the twisted interpretation of their religion that pushes them to do this.

Then again it might be just my own pro-european propaganda.

Yeah, it's totally stupid to die for a cartoon. From our point of view, at least. But they're damn serious about this.

There is one unfair thing - they keep insulting us, killing our people (european foreigners, etc) in their suicide attacks and we mostly tolerate this and do not retaliate as they do.

But when we give them one stupid joke they get all angry and start bitching. That's one unfair thing i truly hate about their culture. It just makes them look like they are in some kind of priviledged position, ready to go out to streets, burn flags, kill innocent people for (imho) stupid (or no) reason.

I think denmark showed us what no one had the courage to say.
- There are limits to freedom of speech
- muslim culture knows no tolerance

this shows muslims as the people that simply look for any opportunity to go protest about the evil western culture, burn flags of some country in the streets, load out their agression on some foreigners, maybe even kill someone. I still remember when they jumped in joy on 9/11, or when they played with dead american bodies in the streets. Or their tapes with hostage executions. (I'm too afraid to wonder what they did when pope passed away)

it might be the influence of the media, but their culture seems very violent and agressive to me.

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