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Mar 30, 2006 00:23 # 42413

FRANCKH * wants to know...

New Domain and Hosting technology?

Hi there,

I am just asking for some technical help about some stuff.

Quite new over here, and I was wondering about some things on the internet nowadays. I a m triying ti build my own webiste and visited a site named g-o d-add-y and I must say that I tried it and that this Registrar is totally bad. I still have payment problem with them. They kept my card number and now renew domains without giving people logins !

I tried then maxiname and that one seemed a bit better.
Reach then at:

Hey, just try it, I found .INFO domains for 5.49$ by them.
Do you thnik they are ok?

Can I do that? Thanx. Francky.

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