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My Own Meanning Of Life

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Maybe this is a very long topic so sorry if you are in a hurry... read it later... and I'm sorry for the misspeld words... but you get the idea... ok lets start.

What is the meanning of life?

One day a friend of me said:

Her -you know... when you ask questions without answer...
Me -yea... but like what?
Her -like the meanning of life...
Me -yea... because it can't be a total meanning for everyone... just for you and me.
Her -but then if everyone was a diferent answer to this question isn`t it like if they are all wrong even you and me?
Me -I don't think so... i think everyone has it own answer based in they belivings and life expirience... so for they it`s true...
Her -Then what is the basic of all the only things that every body accept... even if they have diferents belivings...

Then i start thinking about this... the basic meanning the one that everyone may accept even if they have different believings and life expiriences...
but then i think... that first i have to find my own true that is this and you may agree with it or not...

A) For me... Happyness means everything... every accion of the humans... every word... its created or made to produce happyness, so based in the budisim and one of its "TRUES" every happyness produce a pain and every pain produce a happyness, why? because when something that makes you happy dissapear you get sad, and when something that produces pain stop hurting you, you get happy.

A quick example:

1-You have no boyfriend or girlfriend... you get it... with time you will fight and it`s for sure that this person will cause pain and probably you two brake up.

2- someone in highschool hurts you, he or she hurts you, you stop him or her and you get happy.

B) so one question is... if i get everything that i wish right now... will i be happy?

Yes, you will... but see longer than just the moment when you get it... see ten year from there, you will get use to this things just like you are use to the things you have right now and you will no longer feel the same happyness that you feel in the moment thant you get it.

C) another thing that i ask myself is about the pain... and how do we "change it" because pain donīt just stay like that in your soul (if you belive in soul) or in your mind. it changes into some very common shapes... first its just pain and it can be like that for a long time or a short time... then it became in rage and this is the funny part, the rage is made to destroy this thing that causes you pain... but if it can't be destroy it will became in hate to this thing... but the rage don't die it just search for one smaller victim then this is when we make sure to discharge it on someone that can destroy us (or stop us) from make him or her feel pain... like the persons that hurt everyone in highschool... they free theyr rage with the smaller people and this ones search a smaller people like theyr younger brothers or sisters...

D) To this process i call it a "tool" to change pain and make it happyness... and this is what makes "good" people different from "bad" people... because they use what they believe is the most efective "tool" for them... someones go to church or just pray to free pain and think that is for a good thing in the future or that they will get diveine justice... another ones uses drugs to evade pain to be happy in that moment or just to don`t feel anything... another ones kill the source of the pain or the person which they free it... like the husbands that hurt theyr wifes... or the terroryst that feels a general hate to everyone so kill them will make him or her happy...

E) ok now... what make us diferents of animals?

if we see it in a cientific way its because:

the animal's primordial instict is to survive but human's is to be happy... and how can i prove it... by the persons that suicide... for them (and i see it this way once) life is generaly painfull... or there is so much pain that they just can`t bare it... so by killing themselfs they will at least stop the pain so they get peace and so happyness...
so they can evade they old instinct of survive just to be happy.

if we see it in a religious way its because:

of the simple fact of the soul...

But this things are just a small part of my true of the meanning of life but what is yours???

Do you have one???

Would you tell us???

only you know that answers... i don't ^_^

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MrWhite *** throws in his two cents...

Re: My Own Meanning Of Life

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I agree. I believe that all we have is our own perspective of life, our own feelings, our own sensations. We do not and cannot see life from any other perspective than the one we have. We do not 'feel' the emotions of other people, we can only emulate them.

I don't believe in any higher order of power (i.e. a God) or morality. I believe that right and wrong, good and evil are all human inventions, which give humans a sense of inflated self importance, that our emotions and opinions are of some greater meaning than the chemical and physical reactions they are. In a sense, my morality is no morality, my meaning of life is no life.

All we really can do is satisfy ourselves, and to do that, we make ourselves happy. Is that selfish? Well then, if having happy people around you, and making them happy, makes you happy, then thats part of the equation. Like I said, with no greater meaning of anything around us, we our left with ourselves, and our own emotions and thoughts. I am the most important person in my life, becuase I am myself, and no one else is.

John Stuart Mill, a famous utilitarian philosopher, once said:

"It is better to be a human being dissatisfied than a pig satisfied, better Socrates dissatisfied than a fool satisfied"

Mill believed that the pleasures and existence of humans are of a greater order and importance than those of a pig. I would disagree; I would rather be the pig. Because, if you are happy, then does anything else really matter?

Does anyone else agree/disagree with me? I'd like to hear if anyone else has such a selfish perspective on the meaning of life!!

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null agrees...

Re: My Own Meanning Of Life

Because, if you are happy, then does anything else really matter?

Well said. :-)

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Hawkeye *** replies...

Re: My Own Meanning Of Life

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I think that if the question 'What is the meaning of life?' was supposed to be an opinion-based question, nobody would be right. However, assuming there was an all-knowing god up there somewhere, would his answer to this question be weighted differently than someone else's? I would certainly hope so. The god who knows everything, even the answer to the meaning of life, surely isn't going to give conjectures.

Then whatever answer god would have for us, everyone with a differing opinion would be wrong, wouldn't they? At that point, 'everyone' isn't right in their own way.

There's two types of views on morality. One of which dictates that there is only one black and white answer to everything. The other, believes that it is relative. 'Relative in which way?' you ask. Individually, culturally, you name it.

Believe it or not, there are some people who believe that if it is illegal to kill someone in one country, killing is immoral. However, take that same person and put him in a country in which there is a war zone, and he would grab a gun and start shooting to kill.

My friends, most things in philosophy are not clear cut and dry. Rarely can you say that an explanation is 100% correct or incorrect. However, for someone to think one thing, change country, and think another.. at some point, that person *had* to have been wrong.

I'll give you a simpler example. If someone grabs a marble from a jar of multicolored marbles, and you guess that the color is green, change your mind, then guess the color is red, is it ever possible for you to have been right both guesses?

To say there is no moral compass for those who don't believe in God is as if to say the 'morality' of a situation is entirely dependent upon the circumstances.

If there were a god, then would you agree there is a moral compass (a right and wrong for every action)? At that point, you'd have to concede that the opinion "two opposite moral actions can both be right" can never be true, not unlike the marble example.

Though, lets assume there isn't a god and there isn't a moral compass. Is morality then an invention of man? Is killing someone only bad because society strongly discourages that behavior? And, are the opinions of society anymore 'morally grounded' than your opinions? You are a part of society, afterall. If nothing else, you speak the voice which most do not, which doesn't necessarily imply it is wrong solely on these premises. Therefore, technically if you killed someone, as long as you felt it was the right thing, it *would* be right. With me so far?

Now, if you then decided 10 minutes after you murder someone that you did a very bad thing and that killing is immoral again, would it not be the complete opposite as your opinion not 10 minutes before? However, believing both things are moral is like believing black is white. One or the other has to be right.

Therefore, you decide not to have a moral compass, but actions must be consistently so in order to remain moral by your own definition. Suppose you believed killing was good. It must be consistently so, because to say killing is bad would be a contradiction. Now suppose your friend says killing is bad. Isn't he now wrong for differing from your opinion?

In essence, by saying there is no god and no moral compass, you are in fact saying that YOU are your moral compass. YOU know all that is right and wrong, according to your claim.

And okay, it *is* possible, but are you really going to be so vain and tell me you know everything that is right and everything that is wrong? Moreso, if you've ever thought one thing and changed your mind and thought another, you've already proven yourself wrong at some point, meaning you *cannot* be your own moral compass. Then, you must ask yourself, what is the true moral compass?

In my opinion, I like to think God is that moral compass. Though, it's purely conjecture. When I prove he exists, you guys will be the first to know. ;)

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MrWhite *** replies...

Re: My Own Meanning Of Life

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Since you are religious, then there being a meaning of life would make sense. Being theist, it is very easy for you to say that your God knows/has/is the meaning of life, but you simply don't know it.

But for us atheists, we are left with certain Is there a meaning of life? Are there any absolute morals? If so, then what are they, and where do they come from. Does morality have any higher meaning? If so, then where does it come from?

Believe it or not, there are some people who believe that if it is illegal to kill someone in one country, killing is immoral. However, take that same person and put him in a country in which there is a war zone, and he would grab a gun and start shooting to kill.

A perfect example of the hypocracies of morality. It's true, the people who did such might try and justify their actions as moral, because they believe morality is relative. But can the absolute standard of 'good' really be changed so easily?

Of course, a legalistic moral code based on God can be applied. But has any theist actually found such moral? Don't think so. There is not a single legalistic ethical code in existance that can stand up against example where most people would consider it to be wrong.

For example: A train is hurtling towards a baby on a train track. As the situation stands, the baby will be killed within seconds. On another track, there is an old, drunk, homeless man. You have just enough time to flip the lever to switch the train onto the track with the old man on, saving the baby. Now, apparently ';God' told of us 'thou shalt not kill'. If you do nothing, the you have had no affect on the situation, and you have not killed anybody personally, but the baby dies. If you flip the lever, you have killed the old man, end of. Morally justifiable? I doubt many people would agree.

Please, let's not argue. You love your wife; I love your wife. You see, we're on the same level here

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