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9 Dead

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Its a quiet afternoon people just going about thire buisness and sudenly thires an explosion
panic and terror strikes as 9 lives are extinguished 60 wounded
what the hell is wrong with these evil arabs, and cnn proclaims loud and proud how hamas reckons it was self defence?????
How so?
Did those 9 individuals pose such a threat?
They distroy the very definition of the words, self deffence
and just to set the record straight they are not militants or freedom fighters or gunmen, these are sick twisted cold blooded killers, terrorists
its about time the israelis throw those disgusting cretins out of israel
the 2 state solution is no solution there already is a palastinian state its called jordan
its about time these terorist face consiqunces for thire actions
only by israel showing strength and making these arabs relise that there will be a heavy price to pay for terror will there be any hope to stop the terrorists

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Martin *** replies...

Making them pay will stop the violence? Sure!

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It really, really hurts to read something like this. So much hatred, so much blindness. Why do people never stop thinking in categories? Why is it always "they" are the evil ones? Why are "we" always the better humans by birthright? "Where is the other side of the road? --- Over there!" This war will never stop as long as people like you make it into the government seats or are even just heard in public.

The one people, who should be most sensitive about genocide, trying to hide their own crimes against human rights behind the loss of individuals, making hone stories about the parents and siblings, who lost so valuable lives. Always whining and crying about those individuals lost and never really asking, why they had to die. In fact not at all interested to tell the truth about it. Oh yes, sure, because of those evil terrorists, who are breeded just for the purpose to blow themselves up in the middle of a bus!

I admit, I never witnessed something like that. May be I would see it a little different then, may be... then again... may be not. But no matter how many differences there are between the enemies, wasn't it *your* "God", who tried to teach you guys how to make the enemies your friends? Are you not trying to teach the world, that he even died for that policy? I don't believe in God, not yours, not any. But making it a war of religions and then acting so totally and completely against your own belief makes me vomit. Double standards, lies and blindness towards your own crimes, you've learned a lot - and only the nice bits - from your big brother.

9 dead, yes, and I'm truly sorry for them and their families, cause may be there were even people among them, who thought different to what you showed here. But I'm sick of it, I'm sick of both sides war mongering. With this your statement here you are as guilty as the one, who killed those 9. With this statement you get the next kid strapped in C4 on the road. Why don't you realize that? Hate creates hate, violence more violence. And the violence of words is more dangerous as a kid with a bomb, because it stands here to read for ages, for time and again new people googling it up and believing your double standards, by that creating more hate, and so on and so on and so on... I'm so sick of it, you got no idea.

(That's why I'm asking everyone here to express their thoughts about this, even if we did 100 times before. I think we cannot leave something like this uncommented on this page, we should show there are people thinking differently around here.)

Tell me, if your God would happen to return to Earth on Friday, what do you think would he say about how much you've learned about what he tried to teach you as a way of living? Do you really think he would blow away all Arabs from the world's surface to make it a nice place for you to live in?

(And really, try to find the spell check, if you ever want to be taken seriously, that I think of it... dont!)

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Re: Making them pay will stop the violence? Sure!

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The reason why they are evil is they strap bombs on to themselves , then go find a crowd of bystanders and blow them selves up in order to kill and maim indiscriminantly men woman children and babys. That is what makes them the evil ones
is there realy a moral equivalance between a killer who dilibaratly kills as many peolp as posible and a government who acts in self deffence?
Its people like you who blur the boundrys of morallity by blaming the victims for the actions of the perpetrators
so jews have no right to morn our dead
we are winning?????????? And no i will not ask the question why they had to die, that is as obserd as it is insulting
what the hell have you been smoking??????????
I am jewish my g-d never died, perhaps you should try getting your fact right before you stat spouting rubish like that
i would not expect g-d or anyoneto wipe arabs of the globe but that is exactly what they are trying to do to my people
if the arabs are suffering it is becousr they brought that on themselves, you whant to talk about genocide what about the 1929 hebron mascar, what about the arrab war of anialation of 1948 wich israel one in a defensive war, and again in 1967 and again in 1973, why should the arabs not pay a price for starting a war of anialation?
And they never miss an opotunity to miss an opotunity( the peel comition/the 1947 partition plan/2000 camp david) by now they could have had a second palastinion state (jordon being the first).And you talk about double standards
and what of the refugee issue that people like you tend to bring up and coninue to ignore the fact that many more jew living in arrab lands were thrown out and all the property confiscated when israel came into existance , amazing how that gets sweapt under the carpet, and its just amazing how the arab nazi conection is also so eagerlly ignored(haj amin al husani the grand mufti of jerusalem) and just to set the record straight there never was a palastine the name was changed from judia to palastine by the romans as a punishment for the barkochba revolt after the long dead enemy of the jews the philistines who have nothing to do with todays arabs.
Before the jews came along and drained the malaria swamps the land was barelly livable there was always a jewish comunity there and afew bedoin but the fact that jews began emigrating
and made the land more productive attracted more arabs who whanted to benefit from this new opertunity,
so before you start spouting how jews stole the land check the facts most of the land was bought from absentee land owners and one last fact sinse when is country who wins a war of self defence obliged to return any land it might have captured?
Mabee you ought to check out afew facts before you defend a couse you know very little about
(and about my spelling i tought my self how to read and write english so im bound to misspell but whant important is the meaning of the words not how they are spelt)

Apr 19, 2006 01:08 # 42570

jael *** replies...

Re: Making them pay will stop the violence? Sure!

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I understand that you have rage for what ever reasons you do. And yes, words do mean more than their spelling.

But like you, there are a lot of people in this forum from all around the world that do not have English as their first language... So, by using this rule that we have to use paragraphs and proper puntuation is for people to understand you better and not have to struggle while reading your post...and get lost in the spelling instead of the meaning of what you have written.

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Apr 19, 2006 07:45 # 42573

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Re: Making them pay will stop the violence? Sure!

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The reason why they are evil is they strap bombs on to themselves , then go find a crowd of bystanders and blow them selves up in order to kill and maim indiscriminantly men woman children and babys. That is what makes them the evil ones
is there realy a moral equivalance between a killer who dilibaratly kills as many peolp as posible and a government who acts in self deffence?

What really makes me sick and what I still can't get is why so many otherwise intelligent people fail to think outside of these stupid "them, us" boxes.

Scenario #1: A Palestinian suicide bomber blows himself up and an Israeli dies.
Scenario #2: The suicide bomber's family's house is torn down and possibly his father arrested by Israeli troops. It's not unusual that Palestinians die in the process.

The Israeli's widow is clearly a victim. She didn't do anything wrong. I think we agree here. She might want retaliation, that's understandable.

BUT... what do you think the suicide bomber's family will do:
"Oh, the Israelis just showed us our strength by destroying all of our belongings because our evil son killed an Israeli. I'm convinced, let's not be evil anymore!"
  - or -
"We didn't do anything to them and they destroyed our all lives. The Israelis are evil, and something must be done to stop them!"
Which scenario do you think puts people more in the mood to be recruited by terrorist organisations?

"These Arabs are evil, they hate us [our freedom] so they blow our people up. It's only just that our army blows their people up for retaliation."

I hear stuff like that from so many people and it makes me sick. Man, there's so much wrong with this statement, I don't even know where to begin.

For one, did it ever occur to you people that not every Arab, Jew, Israeli, Palestinian, American, European... thinks exactly the same? Would it be fair to say all Americans are stupid fascists just because of their incredibly horrible government? Would it be appropriate to call all Jews genocidal racists because of what Sharon did?
No, I see you resolutely shaking your head and gears turning in your head to decide whether to call me a racist or an asshole. And in fact I agree with you on this one, it wouldn't be right; I know that there also live reasonable and anti-fascist people both in the USA and in Israel.
But the people that have just shaken their heads at me are the same people who openly state that them damn Palestinians should all be imprisoned/deported/killed for blowing up civilians.

Can you spell hypocrisy?

what about the 1929 hebron mascar, what about the arrab war of anialation of 1948 wich israel one in a defensive war, and again in 1967 and again in 1973, why should the arabs not pay a price for starting a war of anialation?

And how many of the Arabs who did that are still alive today?
If your father killed somebody before you were born, would you say it's justified that you are punished for it? No, of course not, but it's totally justified to punish random Palestinians for the deeds of other Palestinians, because they're all the same. Right?

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Apr 20, 2006 08:19 # 42586

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Re: Making them pay will stop the violence? Sure!

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Okay first of all what makes me sick, is when people like you start spouting of about things of wich you obvioslly know very little about.
A suicide bomber blows himself up and many jewish lives are extinguished. Many famillies have just lost a mother a father a brother or sister an iriplaceable loved one
senario 2 a familiy of whom there is reason to believe harbored sheltered and encouraged thire kid yo blow himself to smitherines in order to kill as many people as possible. The idf army in a desperate attempt to protect its citizens rationalizes that if they blow up the homes (wich are replaceable) of a family that was complisit in murder it would act as a deterant to others.
If the arabs knew that there would be a heavy cosiquences for murder or aiding and abeting murder, would that not act as a deterance.
The arabs who do these things are evil, they do this maybee becouse they hate our freedom or maybee becouse they are tought from a very young age to hate the jewish people,with nazi like propaganda in there school books, but there reasons and or excuses make no differnce here murder is murder.
The israeli government have a right to protect its citizens
if they deporterd arrabs who refuse to live with us in peace that no more people would end up dieying
now abou arial sharon
he was acused of genocide that is an acusation not a fact it remains unprooven, and there is a reason for that
the masicar that was carried out was not perpertated by arial sharon it was the christion arabs who did it
arial sharon was acused of not having forseen that this would happen
secondlly the arabs that call themselves palastinians voted over whelminglly for hamas, a terrorist organisation wich has vowed to wipe israel off the map, so yes the palastinians can be held acountable for thire actions.
If the arabs vote for a masacar then damn it yes they should be held acountable.(Deported if they refuse to live with us in peace)
now just to dispell another myth writen on one of these posts about how jew stole the land from the palastinians
in the first imigration of jews who returned to israel, they returned to a vastlly underpopulated land, land that they bought from absentee land owners
to quote mark twain who visited israel in 1867
" stirring scenes occur in the valley jezreel no more.
Ther ei not a solitary village throuout its whole extant not for thirty miles in either direction. There are two or three clusters of bedoin tents , but not a single peminent habitation. One may ride ten miles hereabouts and not see ten human beings. ... Come to galilee for that... Theses unpeopled desserts, these rusty mounds of barranesss, that never never never do shake the glare from their sharp out lines, and fade and faint into vague perspective; that melencholy ruin of capernaum: This stupid village of tiberius, slumbering under its six funereal palms... We reached tabor safely... We never saw a human being on the whole route.
Nazareth is forlorn...Jericho the accursed lies in a moldering ruin today, even joshuars miracle left it more that three thousant years ago; bethlehem and bethany, in their poverty and their humiliation, have nothing about them now to remind one that they once knew the high honer of the saviors prsentce,the hallowed spot where the shepherds watched their flock by night, and where angels sang,"peace on earth and good will to men,"is un tenanted by any living creature... Bethsida and chorzin have vanished from the earth, and the dessert places round about them,were thousandsof men once listened to the saviors voice and ate the miraculous bread, sleep in the hush of a solitude that is inhabited only by birds of pray and skulking foxes."
Ther were many other visitors to the land who recorded similar acounts before the first migration of jews returned home to israel where they revitalized the land creating jobs and incentives , and of course then the arrabs whanted to imigrate,
so this myth that somehow there was a thriving arab state and the jews just came along ans chucked then out is a myth it is ignoring historical fact.
There was always a small comunityof jews who lived in israel when the jews who returned came they made the land flourish, with out displacing any one.

Apr 20, 2006 08:30 # 42587

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Re: Making them pay will stop the violence? Sure!

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Okay I'm not going to reply to that. I just don't think it's worth it.

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Apr 20, 2006 15:46 # 42588

andromacha *** throws in her two cents...

Re: Making them pay will stop the violence? Sure!

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Okay I'm not going to reply to that. I just don't think it's worth it.

Somehow I was already thinking along these lines yesterday, and I thought "Poor Bernie! He even wrote a post to reply to this guy, as if he didn't have enough things to worry about before the marriage :P"

Seriously, I really don't think that such a thread is worth to more contributions, because it is totally useless to try to have a discussion with such a narrow-minded and dumb (not in the offensive meaning meant) person. It is just useless. Sorry. The only thing I want to say is "YOU CANNOT REPLY TO VIOLENCE WITH MORE VIOLENCE. THIS WILL LEAD TO NOTHING AT ALL". Now, if you are Jew, let me just tell you: the Jews were prosecuted by Hitler, and this was by no means right of course. It was horrible, and I can't describe the horror in words. However, it seems to me that now the Jews are TRYING TO DO EXACTLY THE SAME THING to the Arabs. And this is as wrong as what Hitler had done.

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Apr 19, 2006 17:20 # 42580

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Blanket Response to the Thread

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I sit here in a crowded computer lounge on my campus called "The Megalab", I'm surrounded by at least 50 or 60 other students. A girl behind me at a computer cluster is Middle Eastern, the girl across from me at the same cluster I am is Asian, to my left and right are other caucasions (I can't rightly say whether or not they're European, American, or Austrailian/New Zelanders) everyone is relatively quiet, minding their own business, and I'd be more than willing to believe that they aren't thinking about strapping C4 to themselves and blowing us all up.

Now then, time to apply that little blarb to the flagerant ignorance and racism evident in this thread. Now then, I'm quite aware of how utterly violent the Middle East is, any dumbass that's watched a news cast in the past decade or so knows that. I am willing to go out on a limb and say that if the various nations involved in the violence were to do what this small group of people in the Megalab are doing--minding their own business--then a lot of the suicide bombings, terrorist attacks of other sorts, etc. would stop.


Its simple, part of minding ones own business involves not pointing fingers, declairing people as evil, religious tolerance, and looking out for #1--yourself. If you are minding your own business, going to synogogue/mosque/church/the mall, or doing whatever else you do then that eliminates quite a bit of the time spent waring over who deserves to have what bit of this that and the other land and otherwise being snotty toward people that aren't like you.

As for the nation of Israel itself...well, technically for several centuries there wasn't a nation. Then WWII happened and we all know the atrocities that were committed during and leading up to the war. Europe decided to compensate the Jewish people that had lost so much during the war by quite litterally stealing land from established countries outside of Europe and re-establishing Israel.

First of all let me say that I have nothing against Israel existing. I'm not a racist, nor am I unintellegent. However, my views on this are probably going to anger some people. That being said it is time to move on.

I disagree with where Israel was reformed, sure according to an ancient text that has probably been mistranslated a fantastic amount of times and maps of ancient land that were more or less made through estimation by then-modern scholars point to Israel being in the Middle East. But honestly, what gave the Allies (this does include America) the right to go to a part of the world who's main involvement in WWII was because of British occupation and give it away?

I say there wasn't any right to do so. None what-so-fucking-ever. Does this mean that I'm standing up for terrorists? No. I dissagree with random acts of violence in any sense of the word. I disagree with my own nation (the United States) invading other people's countries and wagging our hypocratic fingers and telling them how to live. I disagree with Israel feeling austricised by people being unhappy with having land wrenched from them and given away. I disagree with people just not getting over shit that happened fifty, one hundred, one thousand years ago and not learning how to move on and get along with their neighbors.

This post is turning into a rather long rant, and I'm quite sorry for that.

Maybe, just maybe, if people would stop reacting to violence with violence which of course is exactly what "the enemy" (that varies with who's side your on) wants you to do so that they can keep on using it as propoganda to lure in more young people to use as fodder things would get better! On both sides!

Sadly though, it all goes back to what I said in another post about people's inability to get along with one another. It just isn't going to happen. And I attribute that to the sort of thinking that got this whole thread started.


--Jami Yeah, that's gonna sting in the morning.

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