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What is the Morpho-genetic Pattern? (part 2)

It is a term found in the literature "The Mayan Factor," relating to cellular evolution. A cell being the
human entity as the multi-dimensional, living (i.e., conscious, aware, cognizant, functioning, etc.) fractal. [A fractal being,
of course, the form which contains as its design, geometric- ally, algebraically, logrythmically varying sizes of the same exact design repeated ad infinitum.]
This entity-pattern isn't the start or end of the fractal- form, but only an echo; a bifurcating numerical equation,
or a variable thereof, since the fractal-entity is made-up
of smaller-still fractal-forms called:atoms, cells, molecules, etc.; and of course acts in tandem--and triplicate, quadruplicate, quintuplicate..., in conjunction with these living entity- patterns, big & small alike (although apparent "size"/dimen-
sions is actually meaningless.)
The whole affects, effects the All; it is through the wholeness of the entire fractal entity attaining the awareness of every single cell that the entity is known by the cell, through the Cell.
This is only a tiny part of what was actually Seen in the "vision" by my friend. Most of it being rather the feelings (yes, he did see those feelings) and impressions caught at
the time of each individual entity-action. Caught: volition, perceptions, consciousness--the Skandas of the Buddhist teac- hings.
It's all about the re-counting of one's whole life many times, over and over with each decision given an equal weight, or place in the roots of that TREE OF LIFE (Anima Mundi--World Tree.) Decisions branch out into the ether from the Sun Pillar, which is our physical consciousness, into the branches which
go into the Earth.]
--18 Juli'98:0552EST
Brooklyn, CT
(* Written by inspiration of Dave's trippy "vision" which he lived.)

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