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Was I dreaming or did it really happen?

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In my room right next to my bed there is a window. Before I go to sleep I always make sure that the window is shut and the curtains are closed. So there I am lying in bed trying to fall asleep. Just as I'm about to doze off I feel someone take a hold of my wrist. I open my eyes and I see this arm coming through my closed window. No body was attached to arm. Then this arm begins to pull me toward the window. I struggle to free myself but find it nearly impossible. Then I begin to yell my son's name as loud as I could over and over again. He couldn't hear me. No one could hear me. I couldn't speak. Minutes laters someway somehow I broke free from this arm and jumped out of my bed.

Everything felt so real. I'm not sure what to make of it. Was I dreaming or was I awake? I sure as hell don't know.

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Re: Was I dreaming or did it really happen?

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Ahhhh weird. You were asleep though, well in the beginning stages of sleep anyway your body is preparing to enter a deep sleep. That is why you finally jumped awake. I have had similar experiences, but I always heard children crying, seen arms with no body attached coming from under the bed, or heard someone walking up the steps. Like you I would try to scream, but no sounds would come I would also try to move and my body would be paralyzed. I started having sleep problems like this after my dad died when I was a little girl. Counseling also suggested that this had to do with the trauma and stress in my life. While the occurances have not stopped they have become fewer and further between. One thing I have learned to do is when this is happening I tell myself that I am asleep and instead of being afraid or fighting to get to the crying children I focus on trying to get myself awake. The scary thing is you seem fully conscience while all of this is taking place.

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Re: Was I dreaming or did it really happen?

Thanks for your reply. There are times when I still wonder if it was really a dream. It just seemed so real. I also have experienced the feeling of not being able to move or scream. The feeling of being paralyed. I believe they call that Sleep Paralysis. But I do have to agree with you about stress and certain traumatic events beging the cause for these unusual dreams to occur. I am also relieved to know that I am not the only one out there having the ususal dreams.

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Seems so real

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I frequently have dreams where I feel completely awake and something is either grabbing, yelling at me, scratching me, etc. When I do finally become aware that I am dreaming I try to wake myself or scream,but nothing seems to work. All I can think about is somehow getting away from whatever is molesting me at the time.

The part I hate the most is when I think I have woken up from the nightmare and then fall back into it while trying to 1. get out of bed,2. leave my bedroom,3.turn on the light. it's freakie. I'll be trying to do one of those things, aware and convinced that I am wide awake, then I realize, "crap, I'm still lying in bed..."

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Re: Seems so real

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You know what kind of dream is really scary?

When a grotesque version of yourself jumps at you from the mirror, and chases you around. I get that dream often.

So often, that i feel uneasy looking at myself in the mirror everyday, especially in the night, or when i am alone. It just seems like a wall of glass, separating you from that other being on the other side.

When you look at the mirror in the dark, you don't see a face. Just a shadow. That's even worse.

I didn't happen to have that kind of dream you mentioned. But i had an impression a few times that something wanted to grab me. Or hearing weird disturbing noises. Ugh.

I also often get a "falling" dream. I find myself falling from big distance and watching the ground closing in. I usually wake up when i'm about crash head-first into a pavement.

People say that you get this kind of dream when you have problems with heart or blood pressure, and ocasionally your brain happens to receive insufficient amount of oxygen. So this dream is supposed to improve your heartbeat rate, and wake you up quickly.

Maybe the same thing goes for some other scary dreams.

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Re: Seems so real

I had another dream that felt so real. This dream was a little more unusual than my "normal" dreams. I awoke to find myself unable to move. I assumed that was I was experiencing was sleep paralysis. Now here's where thing got a little weird. I remember closing my eyes and thinking to myself that when I open them the paralysis would disappear. I was wrong. When I opened my eyes I realized that I was in a different room still paralyzed. My body seemed to be floating somehow. My feet were pointed toward the ceiling and my head was a few inches away from the floor. There was this bright red velvet rope tied around my ankles. I began to feel myself being pulled up toward this black hole in my ceiling. This is when I began to scream my head off. I screamed my son's name over and over but once again he was unable to hear me. And then just within a matter of seconds I found myself back in my room jumping out of my bed. My heart was pounding. Again I find it hard to believe that it was just a dream. Maybe I was being abducted. Sound silly but hey, you never know.

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