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Who decided this was the big one?

How many times, have you read, heard, discussed or groaned at, that big old question:

What is the meaning of life?

It has been discussed earlier in the philosophy forum and there was some really good stuff in the posts.

What I am more concerned with, is who decided that it was the BIG QUESTION. Ask anyone what the most popular of all questions is, I'm pretty sure you'll get the same answer. To be honest, I don't think I have ever really thought about it. I could say I have because of the amount of times it has been presented to me. I'm pretty sure though there are other questions I have pondered on more. Bigger questions, with more relevance. (To me of course.) Haven't you thought about other things more? Yet somehow this question seems to have been given the crown of questions.

Is it because it really is so un-answer-able (not sure if that is a word)?

Is it just because Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy made it so famous (or mainly the flip on the idea it's the question not the answer). I know the question was popular way before the film but are things like this perpetuating the situation?

Is it just a very simple and forgiving way for the young and new of getting in to deep thought where you can't really be wrong? I mean the whole matrix of life is so complicated it is hard to be bound by any rules or opinion.

Personally I belive it is time for a new question, or a group of questions instead of a single one. Everytime one is solved, we can replace it with another. Then we would feel like we have progressed somehow. That we're actually getting somewhere. That would be nice.

It'd also give us something else to discuss at the end of the night when we've all had a drink.

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