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Martin *** announces...

Dropping Knowledge - the 100 most important questions

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Even if everyone might have heard of it meanwhile, allow me to point out one of the few interesting internet projects these days.

On the 9th of September 2006 its "Dropping Knowledge Day".

For more than 2 years the team responsible for the project has been collecting questions from people like you and me. Questions regarding all kind of topics. politics, ethics, culture, religion, everything that's of interest for life on this planet, questions, that seem important to be answered for making this earth a better place. Finally they pinned down (by user vote) a catalog of the 500 most important questions, of which 100 will be answered on the 9th of September.

And they created a unique idea. 112 people, the so called "Free Voices", will come together on 9th at one large round table. Those people will answer each of the 100 questions simultaniously and will be recorded by 112 cameras and mircophones, which will provide a huge resouce of (admittedly subjective) knowledge. All those answers will be published on the net via live stream as well as permanent data base for later browsing and entering a world wide discussion about the topics.

The live-event takes place in Berlin, Germany and will be hosted by Nigerian democracy and women’s rights activist Hafsat Abiola and Hollywood actor Willem Defoe. 112 of the world's most compelling thinkers, artists, writers, scientists, social entrepreneurs, philosophers and humanitarians from around the world - too multifarious to mention single names - will join the huge table and present their answers.

It will be a spectecular event, but their strong hope is it will result in a long lasting global exchange of thoughts. Dialog is the better way to attack problems, I think that's a fascinating idea, join it!

After decades of construction my website is finally up an running:

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bvsa508 *** replies...

Re: Dropping Knowledge - the 100 most important questions

I just joined, what a brilliant idea. Good luck to the whole thing, I shall be watching.

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