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Where to live

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I'm about to embark on my third year of my law degree. This is considered the most important year and it will determine whether i have a fairly decent degree or not. Plus i want to try a medical course and i need at least a 2.1 To apply for it.

I've lived away from home for the first and second year of my degree, first year in the halls and the second in a student house. The house was a poor accomdation, i had leak in my room, it was constantly damp and cold. I fell ill a few times and my studies studies. So i thought i'd stay at home, in the countryside for the third year. In stable and rather pleasant enviroment. Although it does become tidiously boring sometimes, i have no release so i do lose motivation for many days.

I've got two other places to live and they are quite disimilar;

the first accomdation is filled with 3 couples and a man who just studies and goes to the gym. Nothing else. It's hard to get any conversation out of him about anything that doesnt relate to lifting weights. I'd be just as bored in this accommodation as i would be at home but this place would cost me a thousand pounds more to live in, although i would get a lot of work done here

the second accomdation; this has played on my mind the most. The housemates are 3 single guys, 2 single girls, i've never lived with women before, it would be nice to have a femine touch to the house and the lads will be far more entertaining than the first accomdation. This place does sound perfect for me but my work ethics are the anthitesis of theirs and i could end up drinking and partying more than i would study.

I've had a pretty limited experience of university life and i think that the second accomdation could reverse that but it could jeopardise my degree.

Where do you think i should live?

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Re: Where to live

I decided to live with the singles. I've only spent one night there and im already regretting my decision. For the first time in my life i feel completely lost. I'm missing home immesenly. I think i may live here for about a month. Get some studying done in the library. Check how useful the lectures are, that will help determine whether they are worth going to. Then i'll say my father has become ill and that it's best if i move back home. I'll continue to pay rent but i just cant bare to be here. I never thought i'd become home sick. When i left i was excited, that soon withered. Im trying hard not to show emotion right now because i'm on a public computer. I didnt sleep at all last night. I consumed quite a bit of alcohol as well. And my senses suggest i should rest but as soon as the pub opens today i'll be there. I'd better end the post here before i begin any further rambling

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