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In need of help

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I'm sure many, if not all of you, are aware of the million dollar homepage. ( if you're not).

A stroke of sheer genius on the part of a young man and his quest for getting out of debt.

Many people have said "why didn't I think of that" and that is a real benchmark of a great idea.

Let's say I had an original idea. Something so original it would fill the inventor's quota of, what does everyone need, but nobody have?

How do you get started? It's all very daunting to start up your own business, website, accounts tax forms etc. Does anyone own a business or have tried to do that?

Anyone have any ideas regarding things like patent-ing? Business start ups? PR stuff? All I say about my idea is it involves signing up business to a website. Just to give you a vague idea of what market I'll be aiming for.

I'd really like to hear success or the horror stories of making it in the big bad world.

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Re: In need of help

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I've never in my life gone about starting up a business or anything for profit. However, a friend of mine was going to get an idea he had patoned and I was around for most of what he found out.

First off, you need to get yourself a good mock up of what it is you are wanting to sell, be it a service or a phyisical object. After you get that done, you need to write up what it is the thing does/what your service is. Once you've got this ideaw clear and on paper you need to contact the paton office of whatever country you live in and inquire what the fees and application processes are for getting your idea patoned. They may also have more information on how to present your idea for patoning. Just contact them and find out.

If you are setting this up as a business you need to have a plan. Write down what your company's goals are--a mission statement if you will, how what you're doing is going to benifit consumers, and think out a marketing stratagy.

How do you want to advertise? Do you think it'd be more effective to take out advertising space in news papers or on popular websites?

Who is your target audiance? Do you plan on marketing this to a middle aged crowd, teenagers, the elderly? This is rather important. If you're wanting to market your idea to the elderly your best bet is to put your ads out in newspapers, or if you can afford it on television. If you're aiming for professionals and younger generations various websites might be a better option.

Also, you need to figure out how you are going to finance your business. I know in America there are several banks that market small business loans and lines of credit. However, you're gonna have to prove to them that they are going to benefit from your idea, that you aren't just going to start up and flounder before the first loan payment is due.

I wish you luck in your endevour. You may want consult some people you know outside of the web, like perhaps your parents, or best friend. I think there are also several websites that offer advise on business planning.


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