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Sep 13, 2006 06:17 # 43455

Orchid *** posts about...

Wow, this is cool!

Ever wanted to see NAO as graph? :)

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Sep 13, 2006 13:38 # 43457

Mann * replies...

Re: Wow, this is cool!

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I DONT THINK SO...........

Sep 13, 2006 15:28 # 43459

null has a suggestion...

Re: Wow, this is cool!

Just one small suggestion:


Can you hear the red key screaming? "Turn me off, turn me off, turn me off!"

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Sep 13, 2006 22:35 # 43460

ginsterbusch *** replies...

Re: Wow, this is cool!

It would if I could. But I dont have Java installed within my browsers anymore, sorry.

cu, w0lf.

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Sep 14, 2006 16:04 # 43461

Salvial_Ten *** replies...

Re: Wow, this is cool!


--Jami Yeah, that's gonna sting in the morning.

Oct 14, 2006 07:25 # 43499

yoshi314 * wants to know...

Stupid question?

I know what graphs are etc. , but WHAT does it exactly do?

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