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I can't sleep, so I thought I'd visit back to NAO and remember the good ol' days.

Mainly I just wanted to drop in and thank everyone. I often tell people who ask me why I am the way I am and why I believe what I believe that I am who I am thanks in part to the debates and shit I read on this site.

You all make me weepy when I should be tired.

I've had some interesting (though it seems not so much that new) ideas that I want to bounce off of the forums, but I'll post those when I have more time.

Fond memories

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Re: Reminisce

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Amen, man.

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Are we getting along? we family, we better be
We got your back, we got your back kid
Just don't be pointing one of them guns

Rage are getting back together! Hopefully...

"History is more or less bunk." - Henry Ford

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