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Distance Relationships

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As a person who sucks at distance relationships, my friend recently gave me some advice:

"Distance relationships are the best when they're full of flirting and non-commitment."

And at this point in my life, I'd have to agree.

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yoshi314 * replies...

Re: Distance Relationships

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That's the only time they're successful. I should now, since i have many of these.

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smashedmotif * throws in his two cents...

Re: Distance Relationships

One thing I noticed during long distant relationships -- back when everyone used to write letters -- was that letters work well to maintain a cordial friendship.

A letter took time to write and was neat to receive. Waiting for the letter to arrive was half of the excitement.

At any rate, now that many people own computers and know about instant messaging, long distant relationships have another dimension to help keep the fires burning.

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