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Beach Pictures and other random things

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So I've been going down to the beach alot lately and I've come back with pictures. I remember awhile ago a NAO member asked me to post pictures of the dunes with snow on them. Well, being that I have the memory of an elephant I went and did that today: )


That is the path I run down from.


These are the broken stairs that I used to use. They lead right up to the end of my road.

The next couple of photos were taken the other day during the sunrise.







These are some pictures of my chocolate lab Indy.




Its amazing where life will grow.



This stray cat's tail had me hysterically laughing for 5 minutes.


Me, my brother Paulie and cousin Catherine.


Impeach him then throw him in the garbage. My backyard by the way.


So yea, thats what I have been doing for the past couple of days. Next is the woods.

We should of brought a bag of rocks....

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Re: Beach Pictures and other random things

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These photos are great!

I love the fifth photo the best.

The sixth is awesome, too. I can see the shadow of Indy's mug on the sand if I'm not mistaken. I think I see two.

That's a great photo of Indy laying on the beach looking off into the horizon.

Really neat photos, all of them. I could cover each one for the next hour.

What sort of camera do you use? Either the black-colored background of NAO greatly enhances your photos or you're just a great photographer. You have an eye for photography.

Thank you for sharing.

p.s. That soccer ball in your backyard should really be played with. If not for the sake of the sport, at least for the memory of Wilson.:)

I love reading Russian Literature!!!

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Re: Beach Pictures and other random things

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Thanks! Its a Canon Powershot A710 , its my mom's actually. I just usually point & click, I think the camera does most of the work :) I'm glad you enjoyed them. I know people don't usually do pictures posts on NAO, but its in my journal section so I thought what the hell, why not share?

We should of brought a bag of rocks....

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Re: Beach Pictures and other random things

Excellent photos, though.

Did the dog play with the soccer ball.:)

I love reading Russian Literature!!!

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