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Dreaming in Chemistry

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It was a surreal and odd moment in waking up a day ago. I had dreamed that I was being taunted by a hideous teacher for not knowing the anatomical structure of a certain chemical.

I was in a dream, consciously knowing I was dreaming, in a state of knowing I could back out and wake up at any moment. Yet, I persisted in following through for the sake of curiousity.

At certain moments, as if seeing through a fisheye-lens of a camera, the teacher's head would close in on me with sneering teeth, shouting at me and prompting me.

The deal was, I wasn't allowed to conduct a certain chemistry experiment because I could not draw or build the chemical being experimented with.

As it has been two years since my last chemistry class, I can't see why I dreamed such a dream.

At one section in the dream I took note of what the chemical was and made it a point that upon waking, I'd look it up.

It seems now, the chemical's name as eluded me, but for some reason, I seem to have a lingering memory of an alkene or a bromine.

It may be, that in the previous days of my conversations of folic acid, ants, and electrochemistry, my subconscious was triggered in remembering the horrors of having worked so hard before having to drop an organic chemistry module.

I loved that class. I love chemistry.

I love reading Russian Literature!!!

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