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What should I do?

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There is this girl I have been seeing for 7 months. We both loved each other, and wanted to be with each other forever. So knowing that we wanted to be with each other forever, we began to do sexual things, everything but sex.

All the while I had only feelings for the girl I was seeing. And she had said she only has feelings for me. Also she said she only wanted me. Then after leaving her house, three days later, she calls me and claims I cheated on her, and that she has a gut feeling. I try to explain to her that I haven't and would not cheat. But she says she met another guy whom she liked. She tried to go out with him, yet he did not like her.

I am feeling hurt because the relationship went threw stuff like this in the past, and we got threw it. She has claimed she never wants to speak to me again. Yet 3 times the next day she called me, and let it ring all the way to the voicemail.

Is there any hope of saving this?? I really do not want to lose her.

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Re: What should I do?

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I'm not sure how old you are, but from the way you describe your situation I assume that you are rather young, probably a teenager.

7 months isn't a very long time, your relationship should still be new and exciting, to be having these sorts of rows so early on is just a sign of things to come.

You may think you love this girl, but in total honesty it sounds to me like she is jerking you around, messing with your emotions because she knows that she can.
Being harsh now, but i'd clean my hands of this girl. She is manipulative and only making you miserable.
You're (probably) way too young to even be worrying about "serious" relationships anyway. Just have fun and don't get into anything too heavy.

It'll hurt for a bit, but I swear you'll get over it.

Sorry if i've replied too late, I hope my advice is still valid.

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