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Re: meeting people. Part One: Chicks

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4 June 07
Part One: Chicks
I have had a hard time meeting people throughout most of my life. I‘m tend to be shy, painfully so. Generally prone to depression, I have had to medicate to become functional in social settings; but then by ...well, I’m not very social, or upright.
If you met me, you might never know that. I can hide it, at least well enough to do my job. I work in retail.
My friend Jade and I were talking. She asked me why I’ve never had a relationship with a girl, growing up. After all I’m not gay, I’m bi. I considered myself straight growing-up.
I realized my true orientation in high School, after listening to Dr. Ruth Westheimer talk about the Kinsey Scale. I figured myself at a 5 on that scale. Things suddenly made sense. At that time I time I thought I was directly in the middle. So why not be normal, and let nature take its course.
I told her that I don’t think there were many girls interested in me, mostly due to my stupid clothes, hand-me-downs. For those, or all the other reasons, I never fit in. At some point I became terrified of people getting to know me, cause inside I was a real mess. I thought I was contagious. I thought what I had was going to infect the people around me.
It was not, contrary to the song of the time, so easy to fall in love. I was horney, frustrated, and different.
I wasn’t allowed to date, when in school. My mom, single parent, was a very strict Christian. Mom, a Leo, with an Aries moon, didn’t allow dating, because of course that leads to sin. Dances also meant sin. So of course this leaves a very disturbed sense of sexuality.
Church in general leaves peoples’ heads warped and fucked. I guess it can help people to have hope and belief when logic is telling you otherwise, but short of that…
I meant, when you call the very act of creation of another life, what is supposed to be the greatest gift, or whatever, when that act is called “Original Sin”, then something is wrong. Yeah, we’re born into sin….give me a fuckin break. That’s God’s expression of Its Body, Its Spirit, Its Mind. That is the method God chose for us to express Its Self and Ego. So how is this sin? God created this method, so God is creating sin??? How does that work, you idiot???
On Her behalf, I will say she suffered from depression. Life with her was tough, but she did her best. At the end of her life on Earth, things made sense with her. She was molested by her father. This is the appropriate place to post that, on this site full of all the gamut of sexual gratification. That changes people’s perspective, their life.
My biological father was another prize-winner, back in his day—a true bastard shit.
All her life, she’d been fucked over by guys. Later on in life I became a shit, and a turd. Fucked over by her son. But she never gave hope.
I started dating R~ almost immediately after getting out of prison. I used to work for him. He always cared. Eventually my family accepted him as part of they family. They knew who he was, although noone ever said anything directly. R~ is my first true relationship. Mom never gave up hope I’d find a female. She prayed for him, me so we wouldn’t go to hell.
R~ is my original sin.
I had a catharsis talking to Jade. The tears would not stop as I talked about all the stupid shit I went through, and all the hurt and pain, and frustration I felt……………
It all came back.
But this time, talking to her, letting her absorb all that pent-up sexual frustration, it was different. I wasn’t left with shame, or bruised patches, or crud; she made me feel good about telling her.
I thought that those are the “gift of tears” the bound, tied submissive give to his Mistress. I felt like she gave me a gift. I felt more whole, more betterer. Better is better.
How could someone not treasure, and appreciate someone like that?
<I>“I sit here cold, and wondering what is real; knowing that I still could be smiling if I told her how I feel.”</I>
A friend of mine said that.
I can see now what he’s talking about. Minutes slip from our grasp; precious opportunities melt in little time once exposed to the bright light of our busy lives.
It’s very easy to forget, and lose people. It’s been my constant struggle to maintain contact with all those wonderful people I’ve met in my life, who’ve helped forged who I am. Here is one such person.
But I’m confused. I’m bi, but I’m prone to like guys. In high school I gave up hope, or energy in finding a hetro relationship. I wonder if I’m any better suited now.
Sometimes I feel like such a phoney.
I see girls that I like, who obviously like me, and I don’t act on the advances. Convince myself I’m mistaken, and let the moment slip, wither.
I should have asked Brittany, my co-worker, for her number, to call her so we can party after work. But I didn’t, even though I might have. I didn’t even though she would have.
She’s wild, and I’d love to party with her. We both love the drink. But, well, she’s straight. I don’t feel like being honest with her, telling her my truth.

Some part of me, I think, still is that 13 yr old boy, still terrified of being know by the girls, sigh, and the guys too.
Precisely for the reason she likes gay, and bi guys with other guys, is why I dig her so much.
I like her. The hetro part of me thinks I could have a nice, lovely, comfortable relationship with her. I think that if there’s any one that I’d want to marry, it would be her.
But I’m not looking to marry, especially not hetro. The whole concept of “tieing the knot” I find archaic, slightly barbaric. The concept behind the “giving away” the bride, is the vestal remains of the dowry. Representing the monetary value of a female, it was used by the family to “sell” the daughter into a better family. Like so much chattle and property, the woman is endowed to the receiving family. Hopefully the man treats her well.
I might go to a wedding of a friend, or relative, but only out of respect for them.
For myself, I’m not particularly favored toward a wedding of my own—save for the ceremony that everyone would have to be naked at. That would be the only marriage I think I could take.

So here I am thinking of an awesome woman, perhaps impatient, fiery, quick-tempered, but absolutely absorbing, loyal, protective, a true scorpio.
But she’s predominently hetro. Funny thing is that in light of her last bf, shes considering changing teams. Good for her…she may have better luck.
But here I bump into myself before I ever could talk to her seriously.
I get in my own way. Realize I still don’t know how to talk to people.
And she moves in to the twilight once again.
I sit cold and lonely, wondering what’s real, knowing that I still could be smiling if I told her how I feel.
But she’s not picking up the line.

The alarm wakes.
I’m late again, the bus will be gone by now.
Mom’s gonna have to take me to school again.
I’m gonna have to figure this out some day.
For now I’m 13, and clueless,
Cold and lonely,
Wondering what’s real.

Once Fred Neitszche declared God is Dead, f*ck became the most important word in the English languag

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Re: meeting people. Part One: Chicks

I just finished reading this...and I know it's from last year, but I'd like to know what happened.
Did you ever talk to her about stuff?

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Re: meeting females

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No. We didn't connect; at least not in that respect. I haven't seen her in a while.
I think the greater value in this narrative is that it is pretty close to a script of my interactions with females.

I think I've just come to the conclusion that it's hopeless with females, for me, and I've just grown tired of trying to find anything meaningful with a female.
I'm not looking to have kids. I don't want to get married. And I'm much happier accepting that I don't need a female.

I ultimately think at this moment: even though I know I'm still bi-, simply for convenience sake I will tell people I'm gay. It is by choice, in my case. I tell people "I gave up. It's just so much easier dealing with guys."

Once Fred Neitszche declared God is Dead, f*ck became the most important word in the English languag

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Update: Actually meeting a female.

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I just replied to harold-and-maude's post. I'm not sure if it comes across as being hopeless, or simply downtrodden. I don't want to appear entirely defeated.
The truth is: while I'm not actively looking to find female companionship, I won't turn down an opportunity if a woman has taken an obvious liking to me. Such was the case with Bert- a local artist.

It was on 15 Oct 08 when she replied back to my email. I found her through a post she made on, to be honest, Craigslist. The post was very simple: local artist looking for muse.
Everytime I see a post, anywhere, of someone seeking a muse, I answer. Although in the current sense of the word muse I may not be considered a muse because I'm male, in the classic sense a muse was ambiguous of sex, or of an androgynous nature, but is generally considered beautiful, youthful, if not irresponsible. All of which fits me, somewhat.
I'm a huge fan of CL personals. I'll explain much more about my experiences on CL, in my next post, the Part 2 of this, which I'll be getting too some point soon. Of course I look at the classifieds too, but it's mostly the personals section that interests me. I've met a few really cool people over there. Ok, I've met a few cool dudes there, and one really cool chick.

So immediately we hit it off. I told her that I'm a tinkerer, and I like building stuff, fixing and repairing, she was intrigued.
"What do you build? I love people who can build!" she exclaimed.
This is great, I replied, and explained that I do building maintenence at a place which takes photographs of students, dances, and stuff. I also fix the broken equiptment.
My main job is actually fixing the equiptment, but I thought maybe it was more interesting to present it the otherway around.
I added her as an i/m friend, and soon she gave me her cell number so i could text her. She's a text-junkie, or a text-whore, not sure which, but she liked that.
Early-on I knew she had one kid, a boy of 12, whom she labeled "the minion"; which I found cute and endearing.

I work in the same town she lives, and we actually have a few friends in common: local artists, to be sure.
We talked about a meeting, maybe about a week into things, and it was an informal kinda thing, pizza at her house, and I could then meet The Minion.
All week I'd been listening on WHUS 90.7, Storrs, one of the local college radio stations, advertising a really cool sounding event. In Willimantic at the Wrench In The Works "theatre", they would be showing a MST3K ("Mystery Science Theatre 3000")-like movie rip. Not a MSt3K production, it was produced by the same group.
For those who aren't familiar with MST3K, I'll quote a post from the receptical of all the knowledge of our time, the modern-day Library at Alexandria, Wikipedia:

Mystery Science Theater 3000 is an American cult television comedy series created by Joel Hodgson and produced by Best Brains, Inc. that ran from 1988 to 1999.

The series features a man and his robot sidekicks who are trapped on a satellite in space by an evil scientist and forced to watch a selection of terrible movies, especially (but not initially limited to) science fiction B-movies. To keep sane, the man and his robots make a running commentary on the film, making fun of its flaws and wisecracking (or "riffing") their way through the film in the style of a movie theater peanut gallery.

For examples of their work, a simple trip to youtube is the best, quickest way. I'd highly recommend buying the complete series, if you can find it.
I take this detour because it's worth it to investigate there stuff, and it's relevant because the 12 year-old, I figured, would be into this kinda thing.

So our plan became pizza at her pad, then we'd be off to go to the preston corn maize, uh, maze, then bop outta there in time to be at the 8pm start of the "rip".
It was Friday, I recall clearly, because all day I went around telling people that I had a date with a pink haired chick. She told me early that morning that she's died her hair pink. I thought that sounded hot.

I got to her pad about 5-ish. the minion opened the door.
She walked over. We hugged. I was taller than she thought, she shorter than I thought. It was funny. We laughed.
I'd seen her picture, she mine. I thought she was cuter than in her pictures. I told her that.
I saw her work, the home studio. She showed me around quick. Pizza was getting cold.
We talked about her local career, about her as an artist. She got me a Dogfishhead Ale. It was the remains from her last reception. When entertaining, her philosophy is to buy nice things. If you want people to spend money, you have to entice them with other money. Eventually, realizing that you're only breaking even.
The pizza was good, and conversation was good. For 12 the minion seemed to be normal, if not small for his age. I might describe him as borderline A.D.D., only because he jumped around a little bit. Orthwise, just a normal bored pre-teen

We got to the Corn Maze for the 6:00 tour.
At the start of the trip, I( brought along my Archos AV700 mobile dvr, so as to entertain this one of the Generation X-Box. I have music, and video, and games on it. It's a very expensive toy to give a 12 year-old. I thought the coolness value of it, coupled with a very stern lecture, and constant attention while he used it, would seal me in really well with mom. I was right I believe.
We had 2 hours to do the Maize Maze. The premise of the Preston Maize Maze is that there's a central theme every year. This year is was the Ice Age. They have a map, and on the map is a bird's-eye view of the maze. They start early in the season, map-out the figures of the theme. By the time the corn is ready, in the fall, even with the map, and the scenic overpass, it's easy to get lost. Having done previous years', Bert~ knew this.
Friends of The Minion were there, but mom wouldn't let him go with them in the maze. She didn't want him to get lost. We had about an hour and a half before the start of the Movie. We paid our $5.00, got the list for all 30 stations. At each of the stations there is a stamper with inkpad. The object is to get all the stamps on your card. Then, I guess you'd want to frame it because that's a pretty major accomplishment.
We talked about her shows, her art. We patiently waited while the minion roamed around. I took a few pictures of her.
we started, and the bulk of the time we had to keep an eye on the bored minion. I'd have preferred to have let him wonder about with his friends so I could have time alone with her, but of course that's not gonna happen.
Slowly, we find the stations. He wants to run ahead, adn "scout" out the way, She keeps calling him back. I go along for the ride. It's nice to have a female to talk to. She thinks I'm cute. I love the ego boost. I enjoy hanging out with her. The maze is not "romantic," there's alot of energy and activity involved. It could be "romantic" if, well, if you let the kids run free. Hopefully they will get lost.
We move down to the lower half. It's now dark, and we run into the Minion 's friend and his dad. We team up, and find another 2. I'm kinda bored with it now. We have one flashlight for all of us, because I forgot that I had one in my car. Another flashlight would've made it only a little better.
By 7:30 we were all ready to go.
I gave him the Archos again. I'd downloaded videos appropriate for his age, some claymation and lego "brick movies" from
We get to Willi~ early, and park.We walk on the main road looking for the building. But, the actual building is a hole-in-the-wall, hard to find. The name is Wrench In The Works; known from a tiny hand-painted sign over the door. We walk down the street, find it, but it's not open yet. We walk a little bit more looking for a restroom, and or a place that sells coffee. The place next door is a tavern. We turn around, by then they're opening it up.
Inside is warm and inviting, even without the heat on. It takes a while to warm-up. They have tablets, and a big plush couch. Bet and I grab the couch. About half dozen people eventually find their way in.
The host, the actual guy who made the add which played on WHUS is there, running the event. He starts up the percolator. There's a donations jug, cremora, and hot water. There appears to be no sugar. The price for a cup is now .75 cents, in my opinion. I give a dollar, just the same, and raw-dog it.
The Minion sits away from us, and finds some interesting things to read. There's a few toys, and all-ages kinds of things to occupy his time. Sitting next to B~ I have what I want, I'm there: Minion occupied, my friend next to me, captive, for the next hour-and-a-half, at the least. Life's looking good.
Onj the way out there, I had explained the whole MST3K-thing: that they take goofball movies, and make them palatible. People may shout-out gaffs along with the hosts. I planned to say goofy things if I thought of anything, I told him. He finally agreed with B~ and I that it would be a fun time for him.
The movie started. We have our crappy coffe, and the lights go down. I think the original name was "Execution of Plan 9". A true D-List movie, when it was made; it's true worth now rests in its camp value. Similar in style to a MST3K production there's the black silhouette of the actors, the voices,"the riffers." They're brilliant. Very funny, very amusing. Nothing's sacred.
She laughs, giggles. I move a little closer, and lean in her direction. She makes first contact. She leans against me, rests her head. I move closer. Sip my coffee slowly because I don't want to get up. I want to stay with her snuggled up like this. It feels nice to be with her, and just her.
Even though this wasn't intended to be a romantic date, it seemed to me half-way through the movie that it had become that. I was very gentle rubbing her legs, knees, thighs softly, reassuringly. She was just so soft, round, and very touchable. We held hands, reclining next to each other.
The Minion stayed put, which i was grateful for. He watched it up close, in full beached-out technocolour. As predicted, it something that rapt his attention.
By the end of the movie, I had decided that I wanted to spend more time with her. i wanted to get with her that night, and i was hoping she'd ask if I wanted to stay overnight.
The lights are back on. We have to straighten-up for The Minion, who's now coming over. We gotta use the can before we leave. We get up, and roam about.
I pick-up a few of the zines for distribution. It's a bohemian kinda place. I'll have to bring some of my work here for distribution, I thought, waiting for the chance to use the can. I grab another quick cuppa joe. We talk to the host for a quick spell. I thank him for the great show, and talk about MST3K. He's got the box set. I'll have to see if I can get it.
We start the leisurely walk back to the car. We have some interesting things to talk about. It's all going smoothly now. I walk with her, and he walks ahead. It's cool, clear and brisk in the Frog City.
We're back at her car, and immediately I open up the archos, and give it to him, and now show him the games. I give him some pointers, and tell him to do his best. My hands are too big, I tell him. I can't use the tiny controls that well, so i don't use the games, I say; and that is indeed the truth. that, and I think the games are lame, but that's besides the point.
He's occupied again. I reach over and put my hand on her knee, reassuringly. I gently caress that general area. I'm not doing anything "inappropriate" in front of the kid, cause he's still bopping around the back seat waiting for the car to warm up
We move on. She drives, I'm touching her knee, and now that he's strapped in. I dare, go further, moving slowly gently caress the expanse of her thigh. I touch every inch, back and forth, up and down. She enjoys this because I'm engaging the kid in conversation, turned in his general direction, so he can't see the folks diddling in the front seat: makes it sooooooo hot.
We're back at her pad, and it's maybe 11. It's time for him to go to bed, but he's got to do the running around, getting some water, etc. I tell him I'll look at his computer in the morning, if we have time, and I'll get his sound working.
Mom brings me out an expensive beer. I look through her albums. She sits next to me, after lighting some candles, and putting on Jack Johnson. We lay closer on her loveseat. I'm now being generous in my caresses, and touchings of her soft, curvy, feminine body. I want to bbe with her here, now. I want her to know that I'm with her, and that I like the feel of her body under my fingers.
I get her to take off another shirt, and now she's in her undershirt. I've put a hand under her shirt, but i'm not moving it. I'm just feeling the warmth of her skin. I take it out a little bit later. I kiss the side of her neck, very gently, caressingly. I kiss the top of her head, inhaliang the pretty fragrence of her hair.
"You smell very nice," I said.
"I enjoy being with you."
"I like you too."
We stayed out in the living room like that. I just talked to her, listened to her.
About 1:20 am, she said, "alright, we should go to bed."
"Ok, if you want. That sounds great to me."
"I'm gonna take a leak first. Grab another beer, you want one?"
"No. Get me a water though."
I got back in the bad room, and she'd changed into panties, and was getting under the covers. I took off my clothes, down to my undies. We laid down like that for a while. I took off my tshirt. I told her to take off hers. I wanted to feel skin on she.
I let my hands wonder around her whole body. I kissed the back of her neck. I let my fingers do the walking.
Around 3 am she made it clear that she wanted me inside her. I think the hour I spent hard cued her into that fact. I enjoyed rubbing my hard member against her thick butt. I figuer there was close to a solid 2 hours of foreplay. By the point she was warmed up, I was on fire. I found her immediately. gently i made my way in, and just enjoyed being there with her.
We fit together nicely, despite the big difference in our relative sizes. It felt natural to be with her, but I knew this wasn't going to be a permanent thing. I'm only supposed to be her muse, after all. I wondered if traditionally in the negotiations of the muse, if physical congess were included. Well, I do know that after a session of good sex, the mind tends to think more clearly.
Part of my mind knew that regardless of what it was, this is now two adults naked, enjoying each others' bodies. I went down south, as in "down there;" which I frequently enjoy, only if it's clean, which she was
I spent about 45 minutes or so, simply there, lightly, slowly.
"I have to do this. I can't wait."
"Ok baby, go ahead."
"I wanna nut so bad inside you."
I grabbed, thrusted a few times, completely impailing her with my driveshaft. I locked onto her neck with my mouth, and sucked her skin.
"That was beautiful."
"You're very hot.Thank you."
I kissed her lips. We frenched. I was still excited, and wanted her again. I'm sure she knew it.
She got up, and wiped herself with a Handi-Wipe. She threw one to me. I used it, and threw it back at her, giggling.
She got back under the covers. We laid together naked, until sleep finally overtook us.
It was fitfull sleep because the music was a little bit loud, but I understood the need for it to be louder, so as to cover over any escaped muffles of excstacy, between either her, or I, or her--once my talented tongue starts working in the right places.
"I had a great time tonight," I said, kissing her neck.
"Thank you," she replied, grabbing my hands around her waste, holding on tight.
About 9am, after a certain body part had decided to stay awake most of the night, we both woke up together.
She made it clear that she wanted me inside her. I was so ready, and this time I wasn't going to be slow, soft, nor gentle. This time I wanted to bang. I wanted to f-werd her, and hard this time. I wanted to put all 270# into it, each thrust. This time it didn't take nearly as long to release. I drove deep, and released. I still couldn't come down.
"I'm still hard."
"Go from behind."
I wanted her every way. I enjoyed being with her. Glady I got behind her, us both on all fours. I pushed deep in behind.
I supposed I shouldn't screw and tell, but that's how the night turned out. She told me that I enjoyed it, so is there harm in telling the story? I don't know, but I had an awesome time with her, all that while.
I got up, took a shower. On the way out I said g'morning to the minion. He asked if I could help with his sound problem.
"Alright, not a problem."
"Can we do it now?"
"No, chuckle, let me get dressed, first and I'll be in. "
"OK, thank you."
I get dressed, comb my hair, go in. I recline on his bed, hoping it's been made well.
Mom brings me a hug cuppa joe, and stands back as I direct him through the Device Manager. The hardware has an error symbol next to it. We have to download drivers.
I direct him to the drivers website, and he enters my name, I enter my password. We discuss the right drivers. We find the right ones, download a few other close ones, just in case. We open up the first one. It works. He installs it himself. I discuss different things about the inner working of the operating system, and things he can do to imporove the performance.
This is what I do. As directed in, "The Tao of Steve," I was being "most excellent in what I do." I was golden in that moment.
It worked, and he wanted to use it immediately, but I made him restart it.
"Patience will serve you well, when dealing with things dumber than you, like a computer," I told him.
Expectedly, we had sound through the speakers. All is now well. He can play his blow-em-up shooter game.
I have to go soon.
Back in her room, she shows me her website, where she posts her stuff. She's go a myspace account, who doesn't. I don't. I'm iconoclad in a unitard wedgie.
I never got to show her my art-hosting site, my account on It's all as well, I think it may be. I'm supposed to be her muse, after all, I muse.
I give her a hug and kiss, and tell her I had a great time. I gotta go.
The minion bids me well, and he's sorry to see me that he has sound.
She walks me to the door. We hug, and I kiss her goodbye.

Since then we've been in contact by i/m and text. I stopped over about 2 months ago, during lunchbreak to get her high.
Apparently, she now has a legitimate boyfriend, so we don't chat so much any more. But I know I'll be seeing her at a local art gallery opening, or showing somewhere. We both like doing local events so we run into each other so often.

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Bunk *** posts about...

Re: Update: Actually meeting a female.

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Really well written. Strangely, I don't feel like a creeper having read it - it just reads like an honest and perceptive story, with some interesting undertones.

However, I have to say, this...

"I wanna nut so bad inside you."

... is something I'd never say during sex. ;P I'm 100% certain that if I said this to my girlfriend, she'd laugh her ass off. But, different strokes for different folks, I guess. Perhaps I'm just associating the slang term "nut" with Unforgivable...

"History is more or less bunk." - Henry Ford

Mar 13, 2009 12:23 # 46312

zen *** replies...

Those funny things we say during....

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Nice comments, thank you.

First I will say about my word choice that I would probably say that to a guy, and that would be hot.
To a female, likely no I would not actually say that either.

I'd have served myself well by putting a disclaimer at the beginning that says to the effect: I'm playing fast-and-loose with some of the dialog during some of the more intimate scenes.
I tried to tone down what was actually said because it might not be entirely appropriate for the all ages that might view it here.

Once Fred Neitszche declared God is Dead, f*ck became the most important word in the English languag

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jael *** replies...

Re: Update: Actually meeting a female.

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I found this quite amusing actually. I really have nothing critical to say.. but I'm happy for you =)

*insert something profound/witty/humorous here*

Jun 14, 2009 18:22 # 46378

zen *** smiles...

Re: Update: Actually meeting a female.

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Well, thank for your comments. I appreciate you keeping this relevant.

I mean, isn't this topic relevant for any single person looking to find "love"?

The fun part is that I'm actually able to update this update by having met (an)other female(s). There is one inparticular, Kyl~, who does deserve to get posted about. But, on some level, that meeting was such an abysmal failure that it almost doesn't seem worth it to post about it...except as a public service to crazy chicks on what NOT to do on a first meeting with a guy you like.

On a not-unrelated topic:

I've actually been thinking about meeting women/females in relation to the question : love or money?
It'll be interesting to see what type of comments it engenders...

Thanks again for reading. I appreciate all my comments, regardless how simple.

Once Fred Neitszche declared God is Dead, f*ck became the most important word in the English languag

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Re: Update: Actually meeting a female.

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This post left me both touched, as more than one of your previous posts have, and amused.
Looking forward to reading more of your writings.

Or is it?

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