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zen *** replies...

Re: I completed a small dream

I agree. Spoken better than I could've.
It seemed like a very small dream, and one that wouldn't take much to arrive at.
Shouldn't we set our sights a little higher in life, to be a little bit better, and do better than the day before?

I wonder if that is completed a dream, as opposed to a goal?
Dream indicates you've reach the end, as opposed to a goal, that is a step to a bigger goal still, whereby one might reach his dream, even if it is "small."

Once Fred Neitszche declared God is Dead, f*ck became the most important word in the English languag

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anxuamen * replies...

Re: I completed a small dream

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What you have to realize is that his canvas is not blank , but merely painted with the ideas of a new and uncharted dream. Even though his dreams seem ridiculous to you, one has to understand that they mean the world to him. Besides what are we without our dreams? Merely an empty shell. If we focused on the things we have not accomplished then we would go crazy. I applaud his strength to be content where and how his is.

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zen *** replies...

Re: I completed a small dream in your pants

:I don't get that expression.

Honesly, it's my dream to not have to work in my pants. Smoking copious quantities of cheeba, of course, all the way to the bank.

Once Fred Neitszche declared God is Dead, f*ck became the most important word in the English languag

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Rocket * replies...

Re: I completed a small dream

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Zen, I believe he means work in your jeans (versus a suit or uniform) or your house pants/pajamas, implying the comfort of your own home.

This is the type of post that smart women see right through. As a rule, women are typically smarter than guys of the same age (albeit exceptions do exist as in every case)and can see that this is a guy who is "projecting" financial security in hopes of drawing or attracting a certain needy type of woman. He will definitely draw that attention and the result will be the obvious long trail of failed relationships, one after another. In the end he will have more than balanced his financial success with an equal share of misery from failed relationships and emotional emptiness.

I hope the best for him.

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eljefe *** replies...

Re: I completed a small dream

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As a rule, women are typically smarter than guys of the same age (albeit exceptions do exist as in every case)

Socially, yes. General intelligence? Everything's about equal, both gender's normal curves are centered around IQ of 100, only women's are tightly grouped and men have greater variability (e.g. Of the top 98th percentile of the population in IQ, the majority are men, however of the lowest 2nd percentile, the majority are men).

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harold_maude *** replies...

Re: I completed a small dream

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A dream with little work attached to it? That's amazing, truely.
To have a dream that takes no work, no struggle, no chance of growth either, because let's face it, if the dream is that easy to get without it taking you through lots and lots of deep grinding so that you know the truth about if the dream is actually worth all your going to get there makes me wonder what dream landscape you shop at.

I'm sure the people you deal with for only two hours a day will be more than gratified to learn that you work with your pants on as opposed to having them off durring business hours.
I'm glad about that too, I'm not sure I really want to see some person with just a shirt on wandering around when there are so many crazy drivers on the road...I hope you have a sense of humor, because looking at how happy you are at accomplishing this dream in such a short amount of time, I have to again wonder, when things get really crazy outside the door and people are picking up arms and shooting each other for food, will the dream still be as enchanting then?

My guess is not so enchanting.

Well let me see about how close I am to my dreams, you asked how many of us who do the nine to five thing are close enough to our dreams to think up new ones.

Let's see, I own my own place, I do art when I'm not at my arobics I get paid for, that is how I refer to my nine to five by the way, I work hard enough so that there really is no need to go to the gym.
I live down the road from a very large city park.
I sell my art work.
And now I am researching land prices so I can do that too.
I started out in this city just about six years ago and I had .27 cents in my pocket and here it is just six years later and I own my home...gee, and all that from a "nine to five".

By the way, for your information just to give you an idea of what a bit of determination and willingness to go through what ever life chucks at you, this year I celebrate my 50th birthday.
I started this road when I was 44.

Just one more question to throw at you, are you still living at home?

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darkesteyes * replies...

Re: I completed a small dream

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I say enjoy what you have because I would love to see my family and friends every day and be as happy as you are now. Congratulations.

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Disposable_Fishspastic *** replies...

Re: I completed a small dream

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Its a case of 'each to their own' on this one,

I live with my best friend and we drink chocolate milk and eat pizza like it was going out of fashion. I eat good food with family during the day and drink wine with my friends every evening.

that sounds like an awful day to me, for reasons already pointed out by Rocket, sounds funny but i actually get a buzz out of being responsible now. Im a new father to a three week old son, and let me tell you its the biggest dream in the world.

Workwise i have a dream also, im stable where i am at the moment and keeping the money coming in, but im working hard for something else and should realise that dream within the next two years and become my own boss.

I dont know whether you worked hard for that dream or just stumbled into your current position, but the real feeling of achievement and pride comes from putting the hard work into something and reaping the rewards.


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null replies...

Re: I completed a small dream

Duuude, now that's some news. Congratulations are in order! Does he have daddy's eyes?

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Nov 12, 2008 21:08 # 46111

Disposable_Fishspastic *** replies...

Re: I completed a small dream

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Thank you very much Null, he doesn't actually, well, not at the moment, i know babies can change a lot as they grow older but right now (from the moment he was born) hes the spitting image of his mother :)

hes gorgeous, he has her eyes, cheeks, lips and nose.

He has my hairline at least, my long eye lashes and unfortunately, he may have inherited my eyebrows, lets hope not!
he also has quite big hands, so i doubt he will be the next Mozart

Im just over the moon hes healthy, i spent nine months worrying about him and im ecstatic, even when he crys it doesnt get to me, i never lose my cool, ive apodted a more calmer outlook on life actually.

I dont run for the train anymore, just watch others undergoing the anxiety, i sometimes look like i been up all night, which is sometimes half true, but i love it.

Im more calm, yet more focused, step by step im getting where i need to be.


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