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charlie *** throws in his two cents...

Google Chrome five for five

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Maybe you've heard by now, but last month Google came out with it's own browser called "Chrome". Like all Google products, it's a red, yellow and mostly blue beta version. Like most net reviews already have said, it's obviously competition for IE7 and a foot hold for Google's market share. It's heavily based on the Mozilla code base - enough that netalive mistakenly recognizes it as Firefox.

Mostly, I'm a fan, but here's my best and worst five points about Chrome:

Bottom Five

There's no control or add-ons.

Although it's promised in later versions, add=ons are not cool here, and anyone used to the customizability of Firefox will be found wanting. This is were Chrome is obviously directed at "stupid" IE7 users.

Minor display problems

Since it shares Mozilla code, it has some problems rendering IE only engineered websites. This makes large scale change over a problem for MS heavy companies.

Also, it wants to reload the whole webpage on some of the "Web 2.0" elements on my facebook account which is just annoying.

There is no smooth scrolling.

Yeah, scrolling is a little jumpy.

The pop-up blocker is more of a "pop-up mover".

I've read that Chrome even goes so far as to the let the pop-up load, and that's definatly a problem.

The "ominbar".

Obviously a ploy for more Google searches. The address bar doubles as a Google search bar. There is NO separate search bar, and although theoretically you can use other search engines (everything in Firefox) switching to them is a pain in the ass.

Star bookmarking is also noticably stolen from Firefox3 - but not as easy to organize if you don't get it right the first time.

Top Five

It's fast.

By my count, on my system, it launches in less than 2 seconds. Opera9.5 and IE7 come in a little over 3 seconds. Firefox3 launches in about 30 seconds - but maybe I have too many add-ons. (One of the things I don't like about Firefox3 is it's still incompatable with "Fasterfox").

Chrome is supposed to have some special "javascript optimization" from Google (a faster browsing experience means more Google ads read by everyone). I can't verify that, but it is fast.

It's simple.

Taking a que from IE7, the browser has no file menu, etc. But this can also be annoying. However, it of course shares a lot of keyboard shortcuts with Firefox3. See the full list of keyboard shortcuts.

It's blue.

This just sets me at ease, and makes me feel relaxed. I can just look at the webpage and not worry about the rest of the program. Even the status bar stays out of your face.

Added functionality.

Chrome noticeably included the "Download Manager Tab" addon, and of course the "Google Preview" picture search results.

A cute new tab page.

Seizing the temporal locality concept. Google has made a page similar to the Opera "speed dial" which shows your 9 most frequently visited webpages. Recent bookmarks and Google searches are also on the side.

In short, I like it because it's fast and pretty (but nothing you'll want to bow down and worship like a Mac user). I never though "open source" could be this fast. Anybody else given it a try?

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ReallyCoolDude *** throws in his two cents...

Re: Google Chrome five for five

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Well, the only real reason for this launch that I can think of is that Google wants to realize their dream of Internet being a giant Software as a Service, something that Microsoft also aims at achieving but fails due to its internal beurocracies.

Ultimately, where all this is heading to is, where the only purpose of an Operating Systems would be to launch a browser, that would let the users find what they need. Everything that you need, whether that's Excel, or access to a printer, or a need to communicate to your partially-intelligent appliances in your house will be via the browser. Everything that anyone could need would be accessible via your computer, that will be just the browser and nothing else.

Does the future sound exciting, or scary?

p.s. Good post BTW, Chrome still has a lot to do to capture the market, but it's a good start to break the monopoly of Microsoft, that's already crumbling day-by-day; especially when you combine Chrome with the dinosaur that's Google Search, it's a really good competition to the current market.

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oKtosiTe * has all the information you need...

Re: Google Chrome five for five

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After first installing Google Chrome I couldn't browse with it, because every page I would try to load would bring up a dialog with:

Application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000005)

As I later found out this can be caused by Symantec Endpoint Protection and other software.
What solved this for me is running Chrome with the "--no-sandbox" argument. You could edit the shortcut to do this by default.
Here's Google's page about this issue.

Or is it?

Oct 02, 2008 00:19 # 46039

charlie *** replies...

Re: Google Chrome five for five

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I've switched back to Firefox.

After seeing that Chrome actually doesn't block pops at all (it just moves them). I got tired of seeing the ads, and I was a little worried about security issues from un-blocked pop-ups (I got a couple of virus warnings from pop-ups).

Add to that the most recent version of Firefox 3 is faster, and it was a no brainer. Good try Google. Maybe we'll see you again after your Beta is finished.

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Mar 19, 2011 11:00 # 47032

oKtosiTe * replies...

Google Chrome, many versions later

Now, many versions later, I have actually switched to Chrome for most of my browsing. It's fast, has ad-blocking extensions available, and I simply love the web-developer features that come with it. Its tab management also seems slightly more clever.

Firefox still has my preference when it comes to browsing shady websites, though, for as of yet something like NoScript is not available for Chrome.

Or is it?

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Dec 28, 2008 23:41 # 46168

baexcell *** replies...

Re: Google Chrome five for five

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There are some things I think you may be mistaken about, which may or may not affect your feelings on Chrome.

It's heavily based on the Mozilla code base

It is not based at all on Mozilla code base, it is based on WebKit, the rendering engine which Safari and Konqueror are built from.

although theoretically you can use other search engines (everything in Firefox) switching to them is a pain in the ass.

Unless you are talking about searching a specific site (i.e. amazon, ebay), it is easy, you go to your preferences and choose your default search engine.

Having said that, I have been using Chrome on my home computer since the day the beta launched, and I am more than pleased with it. I miss some of my FF add-ons, but I trust google when they say that add-on support will be added in later releases.

Dec 29, 2008 10:57 # 46171

ginsterbusch *** replies...

Re: Google Chrome five for five

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On a side note: Google Chrome is based on outdated WebKit-code (AppleWebKit/525.x), ie. there's a bug within its CSS parser.

Basically this bug consists of the un-ability to display the anchor attributes correctly (they all get displayed in the default color, ie. blue). This bug seems to have been fixed in later versions of WebKit. A crude, but quick fix would be to add the !important keyword to override any other CSS rule.

More about this read over there (German only, sorry).

FYI: There's another, essentially spyware-free release of Google Chrome called Iron by SRWare. Spyware-free means: it doesnt phone home, collect your personal behaviour data, etc. like Google Chrome indeed does.

cu, w0lf.

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Feb 25, 2011 18:04 # 47027

Wekobo ** replies...

Re: Google Chrome five for five

Google chrome is an amazing browser, very easy to use and feels comfortable to use. BUT lets not forget about the growing fire fox, its stepping up and its running on some computers.

Im a huge google fan, so i obviously love chrome. its got that i need.

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