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Stay at home, please

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Its so pathetic! Boys, please stay at home and enjoy your age, but don't - I said - DO NOT play any more live shows. It seriously makes me cry to see those rock bands of the 80s and 90s climbing the stages of the world again. I mean, hey, some of them are still exceptionally gifted musicians, but really, a 60 year old grandpa with blow-dry hairstyle down to the buttocks is NOT exactly who I expect to see singing “Savage heart”.

Even worse is the fact those guys deserve way better than they get now. Bands who easily filled domes of 50 to 70 thousand people during the 80s today have to play for 400, may be 1000 fans, most of them almost the age as they are. Though they actually still do deliver it seems they cannot generate a new fan base. Just the ones who have grown old with them turn up on their show, what a sad sight to see, so pitiful.

Take those 'Pretty Maids'-guys. I loved them so much when I was young(er). Its a California based Metal/Poser/AOR-style band originally heading from Denmark/Europe. They've just released their about 187th album called 'Pandemonium'. What can I say, to me its a brilliant album, one of the best they have done in 30 years of business, but, hell, guys, please stay at home and be happy about what you have achieved. Please do not try to perform those songs live. I have seen videos of recent shows they did,

Don't know what it is. Either its their steadfast love for music that makes them still deliver the best they can for the fans, which is not really much though. Or they do need every cent they can make from such an embarrassing event. Or its a kind of loss of reality and someone really should tell them how much they make a fool of themselves.

R.I.P. Ronnie

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Re: Stay at home, please

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If I'm not mistaken, part of the rock and roll world has always been doing live shows. So why would this be any different for bands who once filled stadiums and now are only able to draw smaller groups of devoted fans?

Why should they stay home and just be happy with making a new album? I remember a few years back the beach boys doing some live shows. I don't remember feeling ashamed or embarrased at seeing a bunch of old guys doing what they do best. I can't immagine if Pissaco were still alive his fans being embarressed by him doing a new art show.

Where is it written that just because someone reaches a certian age that they need to slink into the shadows and just do only a part of what they used to do and be content and greatful that people who are the same age as them remember them.

I applaude their willingness and want to keep doing it all. I say good for them, more power to them. If they feel like they can, then good. It's not so important that the numbers have changed in the crowds that come to see them, what is important is that they are still making great music.

Ozzie is an old guy that has been in bands that have long since disbanded and again if I'm not mistaken, that old guy still packs the house every time he performs.

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