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NetAlive.Org? WebDead.Com!

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Seems like Iím talking to myself here most of the times, which is a pity really considering all those beautiful articles stored in the depths of this site. There must have been a time, when this place was more what its name promises to be than it is right now. What an irony, ďnetaliveĒ is dead! Well, may be itís ahead of its time and thatís the destiny all those social sites, perhaps even the whole non-commercial-web in the not too far future.

This place seems to be online for almost 10 years and yet itís not flooded with useless one-word-comments and spam articles. On the other hand no one is posting at all. Does that reflect the global intelligence? Frankly I hope thatís not the case! The concept of this site seems not too far away from those Twitters and Facebooks, yet only they make the money Ė by the nameless hordes of braindead users mind you. May be the guys responsible for this site should sue them for copyright infringement. Obviously this place was ahead of its time at every moment of its history!

10 years is a long time and people formerly coming to this place must have come of age meanwhile. Yet itís sort of strange no new blood took over. Is this young generation not interested in reading more than 128 characters? Is there no need anymore to ponder ones thoughts and trying to word them? Is there no need anymore to get input from other peopleís views on things?

Some newer article was talking about updating this site. Go for it! Find a way to place the best (not just the newest) articles in more prominent ways. You really have to navigate too much to find the best ones. You got this ratings... make it an all time top list of best rated articles for instance. Of course thatís no guarantee to get all the good stuff, but itís a start. Perhaps the ratings could be added up for a whole thread, which makes another top list, the best rated threads....and....get rid of this Black, its so depressing in the long run and it hurts the eyes when you read longer articles.

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Re: NetAlive.Org? WebDead.Com!

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Wow! your star rating, after my vote of "nice!" is an 83% approval, after my vote, the third.
I'm voting your thoughts up because I agree with you. I'm one of those ones "guilty" of posting great posts past, but nothing recently.
Really, it's only cause user:majic posted to my last journal (from 10Apr10), that I decided to stalk over hear, and see what's going on.
So, ok, I see this post, by a newbie, and wow, this is a topic that goes back to even before my joining: user:involvement.
so, Where is everyone???
I see ginsterbusch is still posting away.
majic is still current, he's such a militant poster.
harold_maude has a few journal postings recently.
of course jael is somewhere out there stalking us;
Bunk is biding time till the outer planets align, and then will pronounce "nibiru, the time of crossing, is near";
with Rosyxxx, our token scribe recording every nieuance of the pleasure crafts voyage coming down to take-away the true followers of Dobbs will and might...

See, there's something you have to realize when you spend your time over here at nao.ORG. We have our own social schema, and our own time table. This site isn't being bombarded by commercial advertising, and marketing...for good reason.
This site has always been home to me, in my digital world. Once (again: DOT COM) kicked the bucket, was, for quite a while, my home page.

So now I'm older, and have more stuff going on, more in "real time", because that's how I can make money here these days. I've moved my residence twice in the past 7 months. Madness, the dark void, ensued.
Now that I have internet back, I'm likely to pop-up back here again in the near-future. I'm sure I'll be reading more of your posts, seeing how many you've posted in the past few weeks.

For me, it seems perfect the rate that this site responds to what's going on in this digital world, and the one I prefer, the analog world. It's almost like this is an analog site, that's been seemlessly plugged-into the digital domain.

I will say this, if you're still here, posting with this kind of energy, youthful zest in say, 7 yrs, I will applaud you so loudly, and virulently; proclaiming your dedication and vision.
Until then, keep gets greater later!

So, therethen, what's the internet up to? And how much will have changed?
Probably much less, from my experience.

I almost post that as a challenge: what's the world gonna be like in, say 7 yrs? In Nov I'll have been a member for 7 yrs. So I pose that for a question for Nov. Where will be in 7 yrs?

Once Fred Neitszche declared God is Dead, f*ck became the most important word in the English languag

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Re: NetAlive.Org? WebDead.Com!

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I didnít mean to blame any former user for not posting anymore; nobody is "guilty" of not posting. Of course I do understand people change constantly, lives, circumstances and commitment changing every day. So actually itís up to me to applaud (and thank) you, Zen, for being around all those years (and replying to my thoughts) and still having something to say.

Itís more like I was wondering about the missing new users. The idea of a quiet place with some aspirations, that is clearly different from the digital fast food out there, should attract at least some people at any point in time. Exactly the same feeling, that made you feel home 7 years ago, should grow in others as well today, tomorrow or even 7 years from now, once they stumble upon this place and take their time to explore it. The one point missing perhaps is the virtual friendship I guess. Browsing through the old articles, most of the former users were sort of friends, many conversation were just that, conversations, exchange of ideas between friends. They even met in the analog world, so, thatís far more than just a bunch of random internet users do. When you come to this place today itís more like a gallery of arts or an old fashioned library. You walk the halls and aisles making as few noises as possible and just marvel at the huge amounts of valuable content.

May be it just takes a few youngsters to play ball in the main hall and smashing a window or two to blow off the dust and letting some new light in.

Will I be around 7 years from now? How should I know? I donít know where Iíll be next week, thatís digitally as well as in the analog world.

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zen *** replies...

Re: NetAlive.Org? WebDead.Com!

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Wow!...haa-haa-hehe...I laugh to myself.
Hearing, seeing, picturing your statement, it reminds me of high school--or college, any school, during break.
You take a wal down the deserted hallways, and stumble upon the trophy case, and see all the past accomplishments, and perhaps marvel, at the life and success of those who've gone before.
One can't help but internalize those achievements as his or her own, stepping onto the same "hallowed" campus.

So you see the accomplishments of the "upper class", our trophies, as it were, and wonder: where are all the freshmen? or at least softmores?
Well, maybe they're all behind the bleachers gettin baked--
who knows? it's likely they're just havin fun without us...

Once Fred Neitszche declared God is Dead, f*ck became the most important word in the English languag

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rosyxxx *** replies...

Re: NetAlive.Org? WebDead.Com!

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I love what you have to say about netalive being like a "gallery" or an "old library" does feel like that, and always did to me. And I used to love to wander it's halls as well, picking through cobwebs, feeling like I was turning up some dusty old tome full of depth and wisdom.

It does also seem as if friendships here were somewhat tentative, but that 'appearance' belies the real truth: friendships were and are held here through more means than the obvious. A lot goes on through IMing, snail mail and the like. There was a time for me when things were really rough, that wOLf, Bunk, null, Elena, Hawkeye, Harold-Maude and James, magic, Zen and others held my fragile soul like a butterfly on the palm, letting my wings dry so I could fly. Many, many IMs, phone calls overseas to me, care-packages of chocolate and Hello Kitty stuff from Japan landed in my corner. Letters that were handwritten or typed. Postcards. Invites to islands south of Ibiza...e-mails from people here full of love, intelligence, and sometimes a little meanness, but mostly just people being thoughtful, warm human beings with more heart than I was seeing in the outside world at the time.

Netalive is like a bear that hibernates and appears to be asleep, but inside the neural pathways of the greater mind, the dreams are rich! The friendships run deep and are sometimes hidden like a rich vein of ore or crystals. Just shine the flashlight on those black pages...

And I agree, black as a background is hard on the eyes.

My mind is made up...not like my bed, which is a mess.

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smashedmotif * replies...

Re: NetAlive.Org? WebDead.Com!

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I love the analogy of the hibernating bear with regard to I joined back in 2007 and since then, have become employed and am pursing another degree, been married and now have a wonderful child. And where do I occasionally go to see what people of aplomb have to have written, to my library at home. But, that's not the point. Just kidding. I had to write that that way, see. And what's more, how can I forget a place where, when only a member for a mere two weeks, coincidentally happen upon a writing contest--where the winner would be sent nearly a pound of chocolate-- and be eligible to qualify and win? I was sent chocolate and all the way from Europe, even if the mail carrier left it on my porch, in the sun and it became melted (the refrigerator saved my day). Point is, chocolate or not, presents a sense or ownership to post by the many writers and while not everything can be consumed all the time by everyone, those niches of interest, we find comfortable, have helped bring inspiration enough, that at given times, members such as myself stop by for a spell or two. Like a bear who goes into sleeping, writers go into sleep-states as well: appearing and reappearing, ever so evasively at times and just to again disappear into the forest. "Ooh, wait, I think I just say a mother with her cubs in the distance. Gotta go, lemme' get my binoculars."

I love reading Russian Literature!!!

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Re: NetAlive.Org? WebDead.Com!

Is James me? Or another James? :D

I should be ashamed of myself.

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Bunk *** agrees...

Re: NetAlive.Org? WebDead.Com!

And it is damn close to being near, people. Don't be Zeta haters!

"History is more or less bunk." - Henry Ford

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Re: NetAlive.Org? WebDead.Com!

Not so fast...;-)

My mind is made up...not like my bed, which is a mess.

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Re: NetAlive.Org? WebDead.Com!

You know what Zen? I just googled Dobbs and The Church of the Subgenius, and the characterization that you gave of me above. So little did you know of what actually occurred to make me leave this site, that you apparently think it was all a hoax. And if I remember correctly, which I do, you toyed with me through e-mails mercilessly while I felt like I was loosing my mind. Which I wasn't. I don't think that I need to say much more. You are an intelligent man and likely can get it.

As for the jokes I know you all privately make about my level of privacy...just so you know, it took me five years of waiting to purchase my own domain name of my birth name out from under the jackass who owned it.

I think I'm done here. Now I realize the REAL reason why I left.

And you know what else? Tomorrow is my birthday, so kindly leave me in peace and don't spoil it for me.

My mind is made up...not like my bed, which is a mess.

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