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Working your life away

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Firstly, i want to say a big hello as I have been away from here for years, secondly, i want to write about how bizarre i find this whole "work" thing.

I spend all my time away from my family as I am at work, i come home and spend two cherished hours with my Son, I eat, bath him, we go to bed, then comes the weekend, something I'm always looking forward to, that starts with his Ballet lesson so no rest Saturday morning, we try and have nice weekends when we can.

Its odd that we have to spend so much time apart to try and spend some time together, save money, go on holiday, life before must of been a much simpler time, I'm a bit of a Nomad at heart and envy people more free, My dream is to own a house, so i will work all my life and pay it off and then die, leaving it to our children, is that really a good plan?

Theres no other choice, we need food on the table and to provide for our familys so this is what we must do, it just seems so unnatural...

I think i need a holiday.


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Re: Working your life away

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Society strongly pushes us in that direction, and while we don't have to follow it, it's the path already taken and thus the safest. If you don't take the safe path, there remains the question, where will you get the money to pay for that house? Even if you rent, you will require money. Even surviving requires money to pay for taxes and food.

Money is the currency of living. You be productive and you help society in some fashion and you can survive. Work harder still and you can have even more. This is the message of society. It's what fuels the economy and makes the world turn. Even if you don't want to play part of this engine, you must fit in it somehow, because everyone has needs.

Though to that I can only say that time has only improved this aspect. Farmers slaved 12 hours a day for most days of the week in order to barely scrape by with a large plot of land. Business men in the 50s were away from home often coming home late at night to eat and then sleep. Today, both men and women work, and the effect is that we own many luxuries that our parents didn't have. My grandfather used to fill his tall glass to the brim with ice because ice was a luxury when he was growing up. Now we take it for granted.

All of which means that hopefully our children or our children's children will live in a world in which they don't ever have to worry about not being paid in time in order to have money to eat or going through Christmas without having enough money to buy presents. We work all our lives to better our children's lives, and slowly but steadily, we're doing just that.

If the world should blow itself up,the last audible voice would be an expert saying it can't be done

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Re: Working your life away

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We work all our lives to better our children's lives, and slowly but steadily, we're doing just that.

A great line, that is in fact what makes it all worth while

Since last June I myself have been working 12 hour days from Monday to Friday and I was having a tired day when i wrote that.

I do have a job with good prospects and believe in contributing to society, I will cut my hours down to 8 hours per day in March through promotion which i cant wait for.

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact we are awash with information nowadays, all the differant foods we can eat, drinks we can buy, TV's, phones, cameras and all the destinations around the world that you can dream to one day venture to, it breeds dreams, a lot of which are out of reach, this is what i meant by a simplier time.

I myself am content, I'm not a materialistic person i like travelling above all else, I just wish I had more time to relax, i have a couple of DVD's I bought about 5 months ago that I am yet to find the time to watch, but ho-hum, I'm not the only one.

You're right, we are living in a good time, we have comfort in our lives and homes that our ancestors did not, I cant expect anything for free can I, I guess you've helped me answer my own question that yes, it is a good plan, as the alternative is to not leave our house to our children, which is far worse.


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Re: Working your life away

We all have bad days I suppose. Sometimes it helps to put things into perspective in order to make you realize why you're doing it. These evaluations are important to do often in life, because it reminds you that what you're doing is what you want to do or that you should quit what you don't want to do. If you never ask these sorts of questions, you kinda just get lost...

If the world should blow itself up,the last audible voice would be an expert saying it can't be done

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