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The day after

It's Sunday morning and all is quite and still. It's still too early for the morning birds to start singing.
It feels like I'm the only one in the world awake at this moment.
Because it's Sunday the traffic won't start for a little while.
So I will enjoy the feeling for a little while.

The job ended yesterday. I joined a long list of people who have exited the place. I was in the group of the last 4 that got fired in the last two weeks.

Out of all the people who have gotten fired from the place over the last 6 months, only one person got fired for any kind of real reason. The one person who got fired for the right reason was a head cook in one of the kitchens because of sexual harrassment directed at one of the kitchen managers.
At the time I remember being impressed by this. A woman actually getting supported by a boss.

As the months passed what ever impressed I was with the boss quickly faded to frustrating disgust with the realization that the boss was nothing more than a self serving greedy pig.
Over the months the people he liked the best started changing and becoming more accomidating to his wants.
It's a hard thing to watch people become ugly. One girl in particular, a 20 something young woman has changed into this lying monster.
Maybe it was there already inside her. It just needed a good asshole to bring it out to the surface. Her last target of garbage was directed at the marketing director over something really trivial and childish.

Her male counter part in this weird and very twisted place has changed as well. When the place started last December he had a sense of honor and seemed like a strong choice for the role of general manager. Over the months he's become this arrogant dog of the boss. His latest victim was an older guy who some how was a threat to the younger guy.
I'm very sure he was the only one in the place to feel that in the whole place.
Another trivial thing was blown up into this massive violation and the older guy got fired.

In all the things I saw while I was there the one that has me the most puzzled is why this one boss has been allowed to do so much damage. He's one of 4 owners, 3 of which are seasoned business owners. Out of all of them, the one with no experience in running a business is the one who was put in charge of running the business.
It has occured to me that this business was set up by a group who have too much money and needed a really good tax write off.
This possiblity for some who have considered this is too far fetched because one of the owners is a high ranking member of the Mormon Church. A bishop isn't suppose to be looking for ways around paying taxes. They are suppose to be honorable sorts of people who lead by example.
I've been to one of his other businesses and have read what they hold up for the world to see.
They do charity work and this and that and on top of that the prices for their food is pretty much the same as every other place in that class of trough houses in this town.
On top of that he's a nice guy.

That's the glitch, the fact that he's a nice guy. But I've seen another nice guy do things business wise that were completely anti nice. This other nice guy let a whole flock of sheep die from wet tail. That nice guy refused to buy medicine to cure the problem. There were lots of lambs that died needlessly. I remember thinking how could a nice guy do something so ugly and needless? The answer was that he and his partner needed a tax write off because there was way too much money that needed protecting.

If I hadn't known about the sheep and what happened it would have been too unbelievable to be true. The lesson is that even nice can be nothing more than a surface illusion.

To possibly act as a cover for this failed business scheme the business was started last year. It was started the last month of December making it as close to the start of the new year as possible to avoid being started for the ultimate purpose of making a business fail. Which would provide a way to keep more of the money that they each have.

While I know it's impossible to know the reasons for all the things that are so obviously idiot about the business I just got fired from, the conclusion is either one of two things. Either they are all really morons who happened to have dumb luck with other businesses and decided to help another person have the same sucess or they are all rather under handed guys who cook up schemes to make lots and lots of money.

In looking at the players in this weird nightmearish drama the business in the worst case of the two choices, the business on the surface looks very much like the what was going on at the farm where the sheep died.
To the right people the farm looked like a shining example of what an organic research farm is suppose to look like.
Under that surface however anything goes to accomplish the goal.
It's all really ugly and twisted. Inspite of the fact that I have to do the job hunt again, I am glad to be free of the place. The people who have not become what the one owner wants are the people I feel the worst for. As long as they remain there they will suffer at what appears to be madness unleashed on something really good, on the surface.

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