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Over the last week I've read more news articles than I can remember doing in a very long time.
It's pretty much swallowed every single day up. Maybe not the best thing to do with a week, but it happens.

What I've following are the protests and their connected stories. There are a lot of those.
The main one I've been following is the occupation of wall street which from what I can tell, is about a variety of wants due to frustration brought on as the aftermath of the bail out of wall street by the us government which ended up being billed to the rest of the American citizens.
It was a crappy deal that didn't need to happen.

That became evident when it was reported that all these CEO's got these huge bonuses, that's actually where the majority of the money went to.
The people were pissed, and rightly so and have demanded that the government get answers, do something, fix the economy, help we need help your drowning us now with debt that congress decided to say yes to. So the occupation of wall street has genuine validity to it.

The problem has been that there wasn't some sort of one single demand made and it's just been a series of marches and camping out for almost a week now by mostly over educated under paid college students, who are showing the world this interesting process of giving everyone a voice.
The general assembly meetings they have are interesting to listen to. One person will speak and everybody repeats what they say. That's to ensure that every body has heard what has been said.

There have been arrests. For stupid things, one of which is a very old law that basicly says that in New York wearing a mask is only lawful if your going to a masked ball or costume party.
Doing it outside of that is only allowed one person at a time.

The cops have been looking for ways to incite people to violence so that they can respond. It hasn't worked so far.
Finally yesterday they came up with a list of demands. It's kind of long, but there are valid demands.

I've been reading about the protests going on else where in the world at the same time, and about a man named Troy Davis who was executed by the state of Georgia in spite of the huge amount of reasonable doubt about whether or not he killed a cop several years ago. He was a black man by the way which figures into the bottom line of all of this.
Georgia is one of the states in this country that is still highly racially dominated in pretty much everything.
There were thousands of petitions and thousands of letters written to the governor and even the president of the us. The pleas were ignored and they went ahead with the execution.
The very next day a white guy who was slated to die has his sentence commuted to life because he said he was guilty but really, really sorry for his crimes.
Troy Davis never stopped saying he didn't do what he was accused of, and there was enough evidence to show that he didn't shoot the cop.
So in the end this was clearly the modern form of execution due to race.

Since the main stream media here is owned by big business it's very hard to get any real news stories about most of the protesting that's happening here and around the world.
This has provided opportunity for small independent news media to actually get heard.
Which is good actually. It's part of the change that has been taking place since 2008. All of this whole mess that has reverberated from the bail out, has begun to make people start to realize that dependence on government and large corporations is a really dead end.
The realization that we are the people we've been crying out for to rescue us from the mess is starting to actually hit home.
It's good.

It's been a long week. I've decided to take a few days break from all of it because it's been an over load of information.
I need time to digest it all and get some things done that have been neglected because I've gotten so caught up in all of it.
I hope everyone has a peaceful and fun weekend.

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