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I graduated Honours BSocSc Maj. in Political Science (Co-op) and Min. Philosophy Cum Laude in December 2010, and promptly got a job at a nearby burger restaurant. It's around the corner from where I live, and was started by some former roommates of my partner. I applied for some other jobs, but nothing panned out. I didn't mean to stick with the burger shack this long. On the other hand, it has been a lot of fun working there - the business has a good thing going and I'm happy to try and help it continue its success. I'd earned the trust of the business enough to be promoted to manager in September - a new challenge, with its own rewards.

Personally, I felt like I was drifting earlier this year. I attribute now it to post-school letdown and winter blahs (the winter in Ottawa grinds me down a bit). For years, school was the thing I was dedicated to, and it motivated and organized most of what I did with my life. Now that that external motivation is gone, downtime has gotten me working through what motivates me internally. A year of meditating on this, and doing the leisurely things that school intermittently trampled, has gotten me feeling lucid, at ease, and enjoying this wild trip of a life I'm living. My partner, if I may gush for just a moment, is also amazing and I'm lucky to share my life with her (almost four years now).

My future is still a jumble of possibilities, and my apartment is still a mess, but my head is perhaps at a better place than its ever been. I wrote on this site during some bad times, now here's a shout-out to the good.

"History is more or less bunk." - Henry Ford

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