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Please advice! How do i stop this heartache

Im married and two years ago fell for another married man. He was stationed in the state im in and his wife and children were in another state. He told me all these bad things about his wife. how i was the perfect person. how he was going to leave them and marry me. He would say i was so beautiful and say words i have never heard before. Sex too was unbelievable. he made me feel pretty and wanted for the first time. Then it was time for him to return home. Within the first week contact slowed down. Now two months later..his wife knows everything..he has told me to leave him and his family alone...and shoved me away. i feel stupid and used. i realize now everything he has told me was possible lies. first why do married men do this? second how do i get over this deception? how do i stop thinking about the memories? i would like to hear your advice. PLEASE! And yes my husband knows about it all. and Yes i have apologized to her and my husband. I told his wife everything both in parts of wanting her to leave him and at the same time wanting her to know what her husband has done. He's cheated on her so many abusive..and talks badly about her to me and where he use to work. why would i..why did i want to be with a man like this? I had never met anyone who made me feel so wanted and please..

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