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jcharavda * replies...

Re: NetAlive.Org? WebDead.Com!

Seems like detadead.Com for sure!.. That was in sep 2010 and here we are in july 2011!..
Not much has happened!..

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ShooshMagoosh * replies...

Re: NetAlive.Org? WebDead.Com!

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You know something about Facebook I noticed. They just announced some better way to see what your friends are listening too thing.

I don't have a Facebook account, mainly because it's wank, but here is how I see this whole music/film invasion thing.

It's just another way to target advertising. I mean, who cares what my friends are listening to or watching on their PC's? I couldn't give a flying monkeys toss, but it seems important to Facebook to market this wonderful idea to the masses!

It's not enough that the whole world is drawn in to detailing their entire life existence to a machine they are now delving deeper and cataloguing your listening and viewing preferences and everyone seems to just go along with it.

Future posts on Facebook:

Joe Bloggs just posted that he had a shit and was also listening to Dave Matthews Band at the time

or even more intrusive and possibly:

Joe Bloggs watches 98% porn at his PC while using Facebook the other 2% of the time

Kinda off key there, but I do love a good rant and it's my second post today and I only just joined. Toot-Toot!

Peace out brother.

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Rocket * replies...

Re: NetAlive.Org? WebDead.Com!

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I've been a member since May 12, 2005. I believe netalive is dead as well. You touched on it a bit. Todays generation are about how much time they have to read something (which is no time) and the fact that its not popular to be "deep" so its not worth their time.

This is why twitter and facebook are so popular because if it cant be boiled down to 160 characters, its not worth their time to read it. I've also found that todays generation doesn't care about meaningful things, they just wanna know what you are doing right now because it might mean a possible hook-up. So if you can't alert them in 160 characters of your current availability, then you wont get their attention.

It's a sad state of things to come.

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Little_One * shakes her head...

Re: NetAlive.Org? WebDead.Com!

Dear Rocket,
I'm afraid I must disagree about NetAlive being dead. Perhaps it's just slumbering.
I beg your indulgence please and let me introduce myself. I call myself little one and I am brand new today.(little one for being 4'11 1/2" & 97 lbs.)I am brand new today, not only on this site but on forums in general. If I make any faux pas I hope someone is kind enough to let me know.
I agree about the sad state of affairs on the web (and the planet) but those of us that recognize this tired new grind are grateful there is a site like this. When I stumbled onto NetAlive (need to find the short name) a sense of quiet came over me I've not felt before on the web.
I note that there are some that I'm seeing frequently and have been here for years. That is a good thing for I don't feel like I am dealing with a bunch of young hot shots. You may not see it, but from a new perspective this is valuable. I am one of (hopefully) many that just cannot deal with all the crap the interweb pumps out. Finding this place is like finding a goldmine, in my lowly opinion.
Some things could be easier but easy is not always the best solution. I don't mind working a bit to find solutions. It's what grown ups do. As you may have guessed I'm no yungun. I'm on facebook just to stay in touch with my 18 year old granddaughter. Older people are not what they used to be. I am not, nor probably some of you, the picture of my Grandmother and that's fine.
Think twice before you consider yourselves dead or used up. Most good things come in time.
Sorry this is so long. I'll try harder in the future to wrap it up quickly. Thanks for listening. You guys are OK in my book.

"Have fun stormin' the castle!" Miracle Max

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random_visitor * replies...

Re: NetAlive.Org? WebDead.Com!


This site is not dead :) I'm a new user. Hello World!

If anyone is interested, I've written a longer post in the forum:

Best Regards
A random visitor

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