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NAO 20-1x

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Hi folks,

long time no see. But apparently, NAO is still in our hearts, as a few come here to read posts'n'stuff.. ?!

Null suggested we'd do a PHP-based rewrite/relaunch thingy of NAO. Now, after a few years have gone by, we actually never got back to that topic.

After a bit ho and fro I thought I'd like to indeed give NAO a good overhaul. Instead of re-inventing the wheel thou, I'd like to base it on an already existing system, and "only" get the well-known "NAO it's own custom" functionalities, look & behaviour done and also improved.

My favorite vice of work is WordPress; these days I'm officially a Web & Frontend Developer, "with focus on WordPress, E-Commerce and Usability". And there is this neat thingy called bbPress - a message board system based on BackPress, which, as the name suggests, is the base framework, the underhood of WordPress itself.

To cut to the point: I'd like to do all above mentioned stuff with bbPress - plus create a public repo at github, or maybe one of the NAOis offers some git master "server" space we'd do the major grunt work on, something like this ..?

Thus following is a short (re)collection of all the stuff that makes the NAO message board software unique compared with the rest of the "competition":

- nice unique look & feel
- front-page with selected "best of" topics
- switch between threaded and flat topic view
- rather unique threaded view
- a "what's new" secondary page / "portal" = news
- journals, which are kind of a blog / diary corner with options to reduce / exclude specific audience from single posts
- a "who's on" user page, which not only displays the recent passer-bys, but also the currently logged-in users
- a unique rating system to reduce mindless zombies and/or spammers
- a subset of BBCode called Pocket HTML
- favorites: kind of a friend list
- an extended ignore system, that not simply lets you ignore a person, but distinguishes between posts, messages, mails and a complete user ignore PLUS the option to ignore a specific forum
- different post types / status with unique status icons
- switch between pseudonymous and anonymous posting
- an "emoticon" detection / highlighting system
- unique, custom-designed icons and graphics
- a logout screen ;)
- probably a different moderation system, which I never had the chance to take a peek at thou :-/

Now that is, what sets NAO apart from the rest from the TECHNICAL point of view. The other might be its rather UNIQUE users.

So .. let's take all of this and reimplant aka "skin graft" it on bbPress ;)

As mentioned above, we'd need kind of a development space / environment, with PREFERABLY a Git repository (eg. master / dev branches, etc.), and a rollout scheme to do actual live tests, aka the working "new NAO" platform. Requirements for the dev as also the live platform would be: PHP 5.3+, some kind of web server (eg. Apache, nginx or lighttpd), a nifty RDBMS (eg. MySQL 5.5+ or MariaDB), and some good *ix-style operating system underneath (eg. Linux or *BSD).

Also, options to migrate / export / import the already existing data from the current NAO to the new one. Or maybe it there be just a user import option? Ie. let the current NAO stay & live on as an archive, and slowly move users from there to the new version ..

cu, w0lf.

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