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Today I found out that once again my friend disregarded my feelings again......
My friend J of 15-16 years has been leaving me behind & it hurts. I feel I'm not good enough, I don't have the husband who works away, built my own home from scratch or drive a fancy car & these are the type of women J seems to want to associate with these days. That's where C comes in, my friend of 10 years. C & J have these past few months been catching up & C knows how much it hurts my feelings that J seems to have no time with for her long term friend but time for C. First C laughed at me and sent a tex MSG saying "lol, I know I shouldn't laugh, I know your serious" after I told her how I felt. A few weeks later I tried talking to her again, I thought I'd gotten through to her. Some people may think this is wrong of me but I asked C that if she is going to be friends with J to please not put me in a position where I have to be involved. She promised she wouldn't & admitted she new how I felt when she went through the same thing (although a worse circumstance then mine). 15 minutes before I was due to walk out the door C sent a text saying "oh I forgot, J is coming". I asked C multiple times that day if J was going. I don't think I am being unfair on C. J & I have been friends for a long time & I've tried to talk to her only to have it completely turned on me so have given up trying to talk to J. I share a history with J that C doesn't and C is disregarding my hurt that one of my very best friends and myself are drifting away from each other.
Today, I get a Facebook invite from C for her sons 1st birthday and J is on the list as well. I feel like complete crap that C goes on that I'm her best friend but yet my feelings are nothing. As far as I'm concerned it doesn't matter if your problems seem like nothing to someone else if they are your friend they don't disregard you. All my other relationships are being effected by this. In my eyes Chelsea is a disloyal friend & I want to let go & move on but I'm stuck. I have heard multiple times from C that "she will do what she wants". A few years ago, one friend left her, recently another one finally got fed up and gave C as taste of her own treatment. C has has horrible tradgety's in her life but does that give anyone the right to dismiss their friends feelings???

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Re: Friends

J may have insisted to C that you and her both be invited, even if told of your protests. Talk to J directly. Brace your feelings, and have an honest conversation with her about it.

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