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Condsiderations on a Friday night

Hindsight is an amazing thing. It would be lovely to be able to bottle it and send it to yourself at the right time in the past so that different choice could be made.

While it's true that those different choices could be made anyway, it's usually at a point of the wrong emotions and the wrong time that decisions get made that come with lots of clean up. Unless your a lucky individual who can take any pending disaster and defy everything.

Even gravity.

I really want to believe that this is why super heroes were created in the first place. To right all wrongs, and set things straight and make it all better and get back just in time to have dinner.

All of this thinking has come about because I've been observing a young couple who should never have gotten married. They have children now and she's so bad at her half of things that he couldn't deal with being a parent to children and having to care take his wife and answer all her whims. He finally left and is now a mess in his head.

Over the years as I've watched them, I've watched him get buried deeper and deeper in something that would take massive effort to fix.

He really did love her back in the beginning but she pissed that away by being the female version of an ass. He's young but from what I've observed he's confused and feels like he failed.
The problem right now is that no matter how many people tell him he hasn't failed, he's having a hard time hearing it.

In the mean time she is trying to reel him back, she really has no desire to be a parent. He was the best thing that ever happened to her. My hope is that he'll ignore her and just focus on being a good dad to the kids until they are grown.

I hope that when he finally does meet the right person that he'll be able to find happiness.

In the end all I can do is watch and observe. Their stuff isn't mine to fix. I don't want to.

As with all sad stories and broken lives it would be wonderful to be able to give the participants a bottle of hindsight before they go there and do that and have to put their lives back together. That includes me.

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