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How to Choose the Best Plant Extract Supplier

Plant extracts are now used in many fiels, such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, health products, functional drinks and food and so on. Many companies that are working in these fields want to find the best plant extract supplier. There are several tips below.

The most important thing we concern is the quality of the products. If milk thistle extract suppliers can send you a free sample before the purchase, then they can be trusted. But you should be very careful as some may send products that have lower quality than the sample. This kind of companies can not last long because they will quickly gain extreme notoriety. Except the free example, you also have to know the process of production. For plant extract, different production prosess may lead to different quality of products.

The second one is the packaging. The plant extract must be sealed due to the fact that many ingredients can easily be oxidized when they are exposed to the air. For example, green tea extract powder manufacturers have to put the product into aluminum foil bag to keep the green tea powder in perfect condition.

The third aspect is the certificates. Because the plant extracts are the materials for medicine, food, drinks and so on, and they are closely related to our health, they have to be tested and examined very carefully. The most well-known certificates that are used by plant extract supplier are ISO9001, GMP, SGS, FDA and the most authority USDA. If the company has these certificates, then it is the best partner for you.

The fourth thing we should take into account is the delivery. A fast and safe shipping method can ensure that the products are sent to us in good condition without damage. The most reuptable shipping companies are DHL, Fedex, UPS and so on.

Someone may want to know how to find a great herbal extract supplier and there are several effective ways. You can just use the serch engines such as google, bing, yahoo etc, but you have to choose the correct keywords as there are many retailers or agents selling online. The best choice is add "supplier" or "manufacturer" after the product name or the main keywords, so that you can visit the targeted web site. You could also search on B2B platforms, such as Alibaba, Madeinchina and other websites.

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