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futurebird *** wants to know...

Is depression real??

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Hello everyone. I’m new to this site and this is my first post. I hope it’s in the right place etc.

I would like to talk about depression. I’ve been a rather morbid dark personality since I can remember. I’ve often been deeply sad for no reason and if you ask me if it’s half-empty or half-full I’ll say it’s half empty AND evaporating…

For the first time (at the urging of my friends and family) I went to see a shrink who after a while said that I was probably clinically depressed and that over the years I’ve gone through seven or more “major depressions”

This prognosis…well… it DEPRESSED me.

It’s very hard for me to face the fact that I have been depressed for 15 of my 23 years of life on earth. I don’t remember (I guess) what not being depressed is like. I’m so scared to make changes. The doctor suggested I try Prozac, and keep doing therapy.

As I embark on all this I keep thinking about how strange the idea of mental illness is. I’m not in such a state where I harm other people (except by writing depressing poetry…) or my-self (except for a bout with anorexia—but I think I’m over that.) – so why do I need to change? I feel sad and depressed by nearly everything I see in the world (except my husband) – Maybe I see things as they really are… maybe the negative perspective I bring to life has meaning.

It feels like such a slap in the face to know that I’m wrong about what a bad place the world seems to be. Life seems so unfair and painful to me, when I look at the lives most people live I don’t know how they get by—I don’t want to learn to “be happy with less”

So I guess I’m wondering if telling a person that they are depressed is just a way of making them blind to the bad things in life. Since no one can make the wold fair instead we should just learn to live with the unfairness—why can’t we fight it.

I’m confused.

Before I could admit I was depressed I made a web site making fun of my depression: --when I think about the things make me sad I know those things are real and important... so I keep wondering why being sad is a "sickness" -- at the same time the thought that I might not have to feel this way is so... tempting...

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Jaz *** replies...

Re: Is depression real??

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So I guess I’m wondering if telling a person that they are depressed is just a way of making them blind to the bad things in life. Since no one can make the wold fair instead we should just learn to live with the unfairness—why can’t we fight it.

Good point futurebird, but let's turn it back on you: Can't you imagine that depressed people just emphasize the bad things way too much, and on the other hand turn a blind eye to the beautiful things?

It's really not like "undepressed" people wouldn't see bad things in life. But maybe they don't as much bang their heads against things that aren't worth banging against.

Take away all these things and you'll still be left with plenty to fight against. If you're depressed all the time, how will you ever be able bring up the power and energy to fight unfairness?

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gentledeepwaters *** replies...

Re: Is depression real??

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Okay listen up....cause this is one subject I dearly know something about...."Clinical Depression" is NOT necessarily a "Mental" problem.

It is basically a "plumbing" problem in the brain.

You have tiny gaps "synapse" that have to be filled with a exquistely certain amount of several "chemicals" called neurotransmitters.

Imagine two pieces of spaghetti lying facing each other...a tiny space between the ends...these are the nervepathways your brain uses to "electrically" send information the electric charge travels down one spaghetti heading for the little gap...a mixture of chemicals in the correct proportion and mixture releases from the ends of the hollow tubes and fills the gap and should stay there in the nanosecond or less it takes the electric charge to get to the gap and cross to the other spaghetti and on it's way....

In Clinical Depression...either you are not making enough of one of the neurotransmitters...or more of them is getting "vacuumed" back up too soon.....usually the neurotransmitter Serotonin...that lack of the amount or just flat lack of the correct mixture causes the symptoms of Depression. ie....sadness, emptiness, sleep disorders, aching, much more...lethargy, irritation, too sleepy, apathy...when you correct the situation by taking the Prozac,,,assuming it is the neurotransmitter that is are going to notice a big difference a lot sooner than the info tells is like your soul slams back together....lights are tastes are more sublime....sadness is lifted....

If you have had this so bloody long...probably since a teen maybe even all your may have some issues that need counseling..

And.......the medication is not gonna make life into a magic just corrects the chemical problem....when you have the "blues" now...they will not go on forever....everyone has depressed periods due to illness, issues, stress...hormones.

If you have just started the medication....and it is the correct neurotransmitter...(the symptoms will lessen or dissappear) Fantastic!!....if they do not get discouraged....keep in very close contact with the doctor...keep working with him/ may need a higher dose or it may perhaps be two neurotransmitters in the mix that are lacking.

It hasn't been that long ago when they tracked down the source of the true cause of depression, they wanted to take it out of the Mental Illness branch of medicine and put it into a Physical Illness branch....because it is a physical problem...But the Mental Illness branch overrode that....because some have issues or possibly other true emotional issues that might be addressed.

As I said depressed periods hit everyone....but anyone who has prolonged bouts of the "blues" that last two weeks or is much more likely you are dealing with a physical problem...and.....yes....even then if it lifts for a bit after two weeks of "blues" but returns too many times during a span of a year....then your plumbing is sputtering....

I cannot stress enough...too many people walk around that if they had a broken finger or toe or something they could "live" with...they would probably see a doctor for the pain or inconvience it causes in their lives....
But because Depression has "Mental" symptoms....they live in misery and silence...some using drugs and alcohol to numb the pain...and alcohol IS a depressive by itself...

Please let me know how you are doing...I have the plumbing problem too...and I have more information I would like to share with you. Basically some questions you need to ask the doctor when you go back for your

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ReallyCoolDude *** smiles...

Re: Is depression real??

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...and I used to believe that I am mentally sick... ;-)

Excellent post GDW! There are many people (including me) who never go to the doctor thinking that it is not a physical problem. The moment I think about a pshychiatric, I shrug the idea of seeking help! I think a majority of the people do so, because the moment they hear the word depression, it gives an idea of a mental problem.

I must confess, every time I have felt low and depressed in life, I tried taking some online tests and each time I was told by the computer to go and seek some help, and of course I never did. But your post today has cleared up my mind, and the next time I get the *blues* I am seeking some help.

Thanks, once again.

<getting emotional (seriously)>
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kieth * replies...

Re: Is depression real??

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Well that's life

the world is a whole stupid thing

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daisy25 *** replies...

Re: Is depression real??

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I understand completely where you are coming from. Sometimes, we see bad things happening over and over again that we feel as if the good things never will come. Everyone in their lives face unpleasant situations at times. However, dealing with the issues and learning more about yourself as a person will allow your to see the good in some bad things. No matter what frame of mind we live in everyone feels as though there is bad and good things that go one in life. I don't know if prozac is the answer for you or not. My doctor tried to put me on prozac becahse I was down one winter in my life and he thought I might have bouts with depression. Everyone deals with some sort of depression when they go through a major life change. If change was easier everyone would do it. Life would than be what some of us call simple. Change isn't easy and often times people prefer to remain the same instead of allowing themselves to be happy.

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