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Who are your heroes??

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I like people..I've learned from them, almost every good thing to keep in my life's bag and the scary, negative acts to keep out of my bag.

My heroes growing up were quiet, "just doing what comes natural" heroes.

My grandmother who had a very small ranch...280 acres...worked it alone except for help from my uncle. She never failed to feed any illegal immigrant who might show up on her ranch. My Uncle lectured her about her safety and the fact that what food she herself had, she had to grow or raise. She was afraid of strangers at her door..but she always did it. I asked her once, why? I knew my Uncle was going to "raise the roof" if he found out. She said...."they are taking the most dangerous trip of their find a place to work very hard at jobs no one wants to help their families".

The neighboring ranch to the South was a big, big ranch...the owner and his wife, I found out much later in life, had "the ears" of Texas government. But I remember him as a yearly visitor....riding up on his horse....old beat up stetson...shirt wet with sweat under the arms and down his back....taking off that apologize to my Grandmother about his prize bull breaking down her fence and getting onto her land...and to apologize for having to go onto her land with the ranchhands to round up the bull..and that the fence would be repaired by the end of the day...good as new. This happened for about 5 years.....until my Uncle and Grandmother could afford to buy their own bull.

People I have known who quietly made sure those plastic rings, we developed to carry our beer and soda's easier, were disposed of properly. People who refuse to litter altho it's more conveint. No shouting at those who do....they just quietly don't add to the problem.

Four men who made a smelly and at times, loud mess at one end of my at least two of them daytime all four...their dying friend had no family left except ones who would have to travel far to make the funeral...3 almost 4 in and day out. My patient, whispered to me once...."I bet you never thought angels smoked cigars and had beer bellys" I do now.

Two sons who put their lives on wise and be there for their middle brothers hernia surgery...just showed up....and for 2 days took care of every need or want.

quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

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Hospital heroes

My patient, whispered to me once...."I bet you never thought angels smoked cigars and had beer bellys" I do now.

It's been a little more than a year that I had to go to hospital, which got me thinking recently. The real heroes there were the men and women who nursed crotchety strangers with patience one wouldn't bring up for your own offspring. Doing tech support must be child's play compared to that :)

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Re: Who are your heroes??

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I don't really have a hero as such. There are many people I totally admire and I guess my hero would be like a combination of all those people.

I admire my English teacher from last year for his honesty and the way he stands up to authority when it's wrong. I admire a certain musician (who happens to be MelMel's brother. Don't hold it against me Mel.) because he's good at his music adn passionate about it. Actually, I just admire anyone with a passion for anything.

I admire people who don't conform, and it's just them being themselves. Not conforming to non-conformity.

A hero to me, someone I truly look up to, can't possibly one individual, because no one individual could posses all the qualities I'd want to posses.

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Re: Who are your heroes??

well ...

in MY eyes, my "partly-not-anymore-partly-still" girlfriend is a hero by herself, having fought throu life and still fighting, also with her depressive and sometimes, very suicidal moods.
but I see her decaying ... :(

maybe it goes further if she's out of the deep water she's currently into :/

cu, w0lf.

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Re: Who are your heroes??

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Nobody is a hero and everybody is a hero.
We can all rise to an occasion, but some of us stays at the bottom of our spiritual well every time.
I suppose that what we must remember is that humans are made from imperfection and potential: the potential for heroism in great or small ways, and the flaws along the way. And we must remember that we will have our chance at heroism some day.

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Re: Who are your heroes??

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I find it difficult to see who has helped me through my life, my parents have been there, but now they are not. So are they heroes? They do not feel that I am their son.

My friends have always been there for me, my teachers.

People who I may not have even met may be my heroes, as they may have caused effects which allow me to be who I am.

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